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Best Choice For Hip Rehab

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I will soon be released from my doctors restrictions. A total hip replacement was undertaken last April due to a fall down an icey hill on the job. I WILL return to skiing next season, and, knowing myself and my intensity, will again be challenging myself.

I would appreciate if anyone knows of a superb training/rehab program geared towards sports medicine, especially skiing. My physician is not a skier and requests that I do not ski anymore. Yea, I know, BUT...he is a great surgeon! I listened to him for the past year. Now it is my time. Any advise will be appreciated. I will travel anywhere in the US to obtain positive results!
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The Steadman Hawkins Clinic is pretty well known for sports rehab. They can't be all bad, being based in Vail and Breckenridge. You'd be in good company, since many well known athletes get treated there (Bode Miller, for one).

Check to see if your insurance covers their work. No sense paying if you don't have to.
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