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Annual Alta demo day today.

Conditions: warm (40 at base at 9AM), sunny, hard icy groomers, some soft on N. aspects from last storm, not great overall conditions. 

Skier: 42, 5-11, 210, ok skills. Prefer skis with little or no camber, damp, stable, early rise, flat tail, stiff overall flex

Currently own Blizz Bonafide 187, Blizz cochise 185, Blizz Spur 189, Rossi Sickle 186, Dynastar Legend Pro XXL 187, K2 Coomba 181 (touring)

Terrain preferred: powder, steeps, off-piste


I am not very good at reviews. I know what I like and don't like, though.


A few quick reviews:


1. Blizzard Bonafide 180: similar feel to mine,  a little less damp, but still stable. Hooks up a little better. Very nice ski. Shape still works well for me. Tips seem a little better connected to the snow. Good groomer ski for me in Utah.


2. Moment Tallac 186: advertised as a bc ski. Fairly stable, but a little bouncy. Pretty easy going. Nothing stood out too much, but works ok.


3. Moment Belafonte 186: Does about anything. Nice big mountain feel. Very stable and solid. Blasted through stiff leftover powder. Unusual sidecut catches once in a while offtrail, but I really like this ski.


4. Blizzard Cochise: main reason I went up today was to try the new cochise. Jury is still out, but I was a little let down. Didn't blow me away like the first time I got on the original cochise. It does carve better on trail. The tips are smoother and better connected to the snow, but the real problem is the camber. No need for camber on this ski. I would go so far as to say that it's a mistake in design. Nobody is buying this for skiing groomers. Off trail it skis worse. I'll try it again next year mid-winter, but I will probably need to stock up on 1st gen. cochises'. I like the new tip design on my spurs in powder, but not sure it is needed here.


5. Dynastar Cham 107 184: Nice ski. Stable enough, hooks up well on groomed, floats through slushy bumps, feels pretty stable. Only issue is the pintail. It is not as stable off trail on steeps, and tends to slide out under you.


6. Salomon Q98 188: Didn't really care for it. Strange hooky tips that I had to fight. Too light of a feeling compared to my normal skis.