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WB - 10-17 April - Starting out just fine.....

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This is my 5th trip to WB this year, and they've gotten consecutively worse since December. The just-before-Christmas trip was OK, but since then worse, and worse. Until now!


While the warm weather and rain has taken it's toll on the lower mountain, and you can't ski out (in fact, even at the top of the Excaliber gondola is VERY spring-like), but this isn't some little berm, this is WB - the real deal. So, last night it snowed a solid 6-8 inches, and off the t-bars at the peak, there was at least 10-12. OK, underneath down lower there was some crust, but it was still fine.


Here's my bud's GF early on:



And when they opened the Glacier Chair, it looked like this:



Late season freshies:




My bud Stephen in the Arthur Choice Trees:



Anyway, noit bad for (almost) mid April.

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So it didn't stop snowing today:



Met up with my friend Henry who enjoyed himself as well:



Even the trees were getting the goods there:



So there's expected to be another 6-8 tonight so this should be the best of the season for me.

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So, there was GREAT anticipation for today. How was it in one word - O.M.G.!


Started out not-so-bad:



And of course, the mad rush for freshies was on. We waited between Glacier Chair, and 7th Heaven, and 7th opened first, so that's where we went:



The snow on 7th was just delicious for friend Don:





And Henry seemed to think it was OK too:



Heck, even I managed to find some fresh too:



So after a couple of laps on 7th, we moved over to the Glacier, which, by itself is bigger than a lot of overhyped areas:



The snow was just awesome - absolutely perfect, and all you could hear was hooting and hollerin' through the whole area.


Afterwards we took the P2P over to Whiystler and hit up Rhapsody bowl and the Horseshoe area, but for sure Blackcomb was the highlight today. The best day this season by orders of magnitude, and probably one of the top 3-5 of the past few seasons.

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^ Nice - looks like its healed up a bit from earlier this year.  Would have loved to have that vis in 7th and Glacier areas in mid Jan.  I would love to go back when its good - just so far from here (but looks worth it). It was surreal watching people drop into Blowhole with about 3ft of visibility.

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