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Ski Flex: Harb's Fitness Book

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Ok, its not too bad. I even use some of the exercises myself. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
I like the way he goes through the anatomy of a turn, explaining which muscle groups support which movement.

The per ski moves involve a more dynamic form of flexibility, which is an optimal approach to a sport specific warmup.

But with all of Harb's emphasis on balance, there is no mention whatsoever of the transverse abdominal muscle. I find this somewhat curious.

Harb wrote this book in conjuction with a fitness pro. Yet Harb, and some woman, are shown demoing the exercises.
Bad choice! I'm sure that they are both great skiers, but their postural alignment in non skiing moves is somewhat atrocious.
He also shows stretches in a seated straddle position. If a woman had hyperflexible adductors, this would not be a good pre ski stretch. Curious, since the result of this sort of hyperflexibility would be an inability to keep the narrow stance that Harb advocates.

On the other hand, the on snow exercises look pretty good.

Another curious thing. In his dryland program, there are many moves that seem to promote ROTARY, usig something called an 8 board. I thought that Harb was opposed to rotary?

I would have liked to see him use other forms of balance equipment. But in the long run, its a fairly decent book.
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I haven't finished it, but so far I think it's very useful. Fairly well written, understandable and skiing specific.
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