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Right Foot Arch pain - Please Help

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Hello All, 


Long time lurker, first time poster ,before I get the customary " go see your bootfitter" - I already did and spent considerable money on this. I am 5'10 200 lbs.  I was having right foot arch pain, that was pretty severe. The bootfitter said my boots were one size too big and recommended I buy the Head Adaptedge 100. I did. In many ways the Arch pain got worse, despite them feeling amazing in the shop. So next thing I always read is custom footbeds. Now I will admit these were not from a ski shop, they were from an Orthotics company that happens to have a ski insert. They cost 475.00 for them but insurance covered most. These were made using a pressure mat and a GAIT scan. I wore them for two weeks in shoes to "break them in" then put them in ski boots when it came time to put pressure down on those babies, my arches hurt so bad to the point I could no longer ski -- The first run was amazing because of how they were molded but after that they hurt like all hell.  I removed them at the top of the mountain in blowing snow. (Thats how bad they hurt). So Alas, I removed EVERYTHING no footbeds whatsoever, just ski'd on flat liner of the adaptedge. The arch pain went away - but now I could feel every bump and lump in the snow. I then thought I needed some "shock absorption" I got some off the shelf gel insoles and ripped off the plastic arch supports and cut them to the size of my insoles. This worked the best of everything I tried, but I still feel like I am giving up that "snug fit" in exchange for tolerability.


My personal thoughts are now to just get a perfectly flat gel insole to go inside ( with zero arch supports), but I would love to hear anyone's thoughts. Lou If your reading this, I may be down in Calgary April 20th'ish Will you be around? thinking of maybe stopping in..

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This might be better in the ......."Ask a boot fitter" forum.
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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

This might be better in the ......."Ask a boot fitter" forum.

What he said.  You may also have to consider going to a different boot fitter, but at least post this in "Ask the Boot Guys."   And if you are in Calgary, definitely go see Lou, in fact you should call him and arrange an appointment in advance.

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Here's a question: how tight are the lower two buckles on your ski boot?  Specifically the one over your in-step?


Also: are you absolutely positive your heel is ALL the way back into your ski boot?  Sometimes if it's not - even if it seems like it is - it can cause your foot to not rest correctly on your footbed and cause a lot of pain, even if it's off just a little.


I'm no boot-fitter, but I have tricky feet and speak from experience.

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Meh so you went from a 475 ultrasupportive orthotic that wasnt matched to your skiboots to basically nothing. Sounds like 3 bears Syndrome

I also got severe archpain before when I put in a 1.5mm bikefit wedge in an older pair of boots before when I thought I was overpronating. So something as small as 1.5mm in the way the orthotic sits in the boot can be the difference between pain and ok.

if you dont want to go all the way to get ski insoles fitted in your ski boot, which are just over 100 or so, get an off the shelf insole. if i were you instead of gel insole I would get a pair of sole insoles or other footbed that has some degree of moldability. These are heat moldable if you want to rush to get it fitted to your foot asap. But it also has enough give so that extra give so it will wearmold lower to your foot during more active actions. Since you were skiing better commando it seems arch support isn't your biggest need, but rather avoiding oversupport or support in the wrong places as your foot squishes down. They also come sized per us shoe size which will be a closer fit compared to other off the shelf products.

Avail at rei as well as online. I like them enough to wear in my trail shoes

Because you're looking for some cushioning, take a look at the softec response first
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I suppose so, Though I do not know what "matched to your ski boot" really means. This may be my ignorance here. But the guys who did the GAIT scan and foot pressure mat, also took a trace of the original footbed to model them to that size. is this a "hack" way of doing things? If you guys believe I will  have better luck at the ski shop with those molded ones I do not mind spending the 150.00 or so its costs here. I guess I just need to make sure it is molded fully weight bearing so as my feet flatten out ( I have flat feet). I dont hit the arch support which will kill me. Does Softec response have good luck for people with low or no arches?

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He just meant that it has to be shaped to fit the liner. Otherwise the footbed can ride up the side and not sit well in other ways. If they matched it to the orig one in the liner that would cover that issue.

Have you not gone back to the orig peope? You need to see someone to get this resolved. I would not just throw $150 darts. The suggestion above was to try a simple footbed off the shelf that is a little customizable. Or.... Use none.
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Yea the softec will wear mold as well as heat mold. So it will flatten down id its really getting pressed. For that same reason, people who need support say they are useless as the soles aren't supportive enough and just flatten. Even sole says their insoles only good for 2 years (of regular use) Search for reviews.

If you can take the time you can just do wear molding and no heat molding as each heat molding softens them and is only 1way: flatter. But this may mean you walking around your house in ski boots for awhile.
Thats what I did with them in my trail hiking shoes but took a week or so to w wearmold them so they werent crazy weird and extra week before I didnt notice them at allm. Just walking around the office For a couple weeks.

I also have long low arches (i think? that's what the ski shop guy told me), and wear molding matched to my foot. The toe end of the arch new was already below my arch so they arent as exact as my full customs (sidas conformable) but this is just showing wear molding does work

Also I just saw at reI theyre clearing out the cd ski signature sole Footbed for $24. This model is lowvolume and doesnt have the 1.6mm of padding though but adds insulation. Based on your comments though, sounded like you wanted some volume taken up and padding.

Anyway of the cheaper solutions this is what id say to check out. Or put down the 150 and get a full custom for your ski boots (assuming the boot is also high performancely fitted).

I did use softec response in my first pair of off-the-shelf boots btw. Of course I fell into all the first-boots buyers traps and had to retire them after 2 seasons (40days) after they packed out.
I heatmolded the soles, since the # of hours in ski boots was not that much, and I wanted to get on the slopes..
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