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Europe Ski Camps

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Hey guys, I live in Europe and Im looking for a ski course - camp for off-piste / general ski improvement, does anyone have any experience (or have heard) about something like that?

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Europe is a big region. Any particular country or resort in mind?

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I live in Greece, so Bansko (Bulgaria) and Kapaonik (Serbia) are near-ish! I would love to go to the Alps next season though!

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There are a few British companies that offer courses; Snoworks, Warren Smith ski-academy and New Generation all offer courses in the alps and there are others. Good luck.

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Here is one of many article on the net:


Interesting reading and lots of information. I dont attend such camps so I have no personal experiance but every major resort provide that kind of services. The people I know that ski offpist always hires a local guide from the resort ski school for a few days or for a whole week. And if you are alone you can join groups. I ski a lot in St Anton and there are lots of such activity there.

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Here are some courses for past season, but I imagine they'll organise the same next year.


And there are also two Dutch companies, that offer what you want. The thing is, they only have Dutch websites. So just write some e-mails in English, and I'm sure they'll answer....


Alp Adventures (based in Flaine, France):; telephone 0033-6-42318177


Epique (based in Holland, organizing trips all over the Alps):; telephone 0031 30 88 99 011


These guys all do speak English very well and they will send you any info you want in English, even though their websites are only in Dutch.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Hi greek skier I'm thinking of skiing mt olympus. How late in the spring does it hold snow?
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Hey rod9301, personally I havent gone in mt olympus for skiing, but it sounds awesome! A mountain that has a ski resort (Vasilitsa) is close to Olympus and has almost 2 meters snow, but you know here in Greece the daylight remains until 20.00 so the snow is easily melted. I will ask some of my friends that are going to Olympus and I will come back with more information though! So are you interested in hiking and then going down with your skis?

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Yes, backcountry skiing.
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So i just spoke with a dear friend of mine who is going regurarly for hiking (only) in mt. Olympus. There is a place called Vrysopoules where there is a military compound where you can ski as well. There is plenty of snow for now, I cant tell for sure until when the snow will hold, but from what I heard there will be plenty of snow until next month... Hope I helped a bit :)

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