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Sports recovery drinks

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On the advice of a friend, I bought a canister of "Cytomax" It tastes good, but to be honest, I saw no significant improvement in recovery time whether I drank the stuff before, during or after riding my bike.

I haven't tried it for skiing, and wonder if these drinks are really effective?

It appears to be basically a carbohyrate drink, with about 95 calories per 16 OZ serving

Any one use these type of products?
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Restoring muscle glycogen stores after intense exercise can significantly aid in recovery. Your muscles need glycogen to recover and rebuild. This is especially important after repeated bouts of intense exercise(skiing!). You have roughly a 4 hour window after exercise when insulin sensitivity is high. Your muscles are very receptive to carbs during this time.

Protein + carbs is more effective at replentishing muscle glycogen than just carbs alone. In addition, protein is necessary for muscle repair.

I like to sip on a 4:1 carbrotein mixture while skiing (100-200 calories per hour), then i follow it up with an 800 calorie 1:1 shake. You should adjust the calories to fit your needs. Also, you don't need to pay the high prices for premixed drinks. Just go to a place like www.kilosports.com or www.proteinfactory.com and buy the ingredients to make your own. The best carb is probably maltodextrin. The protein should be some type of whey.... whey protein isolate is the best. If you want to get exotic, you could start throwing in antioxidants, lactic acid buffers, and countless other supplements.

If you're trying to shed a few pounds, exercise on an empty stomach, and hold off on the drink during exercise.
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If you are hydrated before you go out and keep hydrated during skiing, you don’t need the drinks to any real degree. But if you are in a hot environment in an endurance sport they may help somewhat. The benefit for the average Joe or Joan is taste (if you prefer the taste to water) and psychological. Once you are dehydrated the only things that work are slow rehydration orally or IV rehydration.

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The effects of proper post-exercise nutrition are noticible. They're not mind blowing, but their effects deffinately add up over time. Most people simply aren't ready for the amount of eccentric work you get during skiing. Proper nutrition simply will not make up for this. If you're looking for a miracle solution then you to break a few laws, or find a really nice doctor. One more thing, plain old water sure as hell isn't optimal.
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Hve a look at the AIS website - link is on the 'barking quads' thread in instruction from memory.

They test this stuff on our athletes regularly
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Endurox and Accelerade (same manufacturer) have the 4:1 carbrotein ratio. Purportedly, the protein speeds the absorption of liquid and speeds the conversion of carbs to glycogen.

I found them both more effective than Cytomax during long distance endurance events.

GNC carries those products.
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I love Cytofart and used it during training (up to 8 hours) and racing (up to 20 hours). I never, however, used it for post race recovery. If I was unable to have my regular meal following a training session, I would opt for a smoothy or something like that, if anything. While there is certainly some benefit to post-training nutrition, many do fine without it. I did. Don't be concerned.

BTW, get Cytofart in the small cans because the big guys go bad quickly. It's also good stuff, but it has also been around for more than a few years. There are probably newer products that will do a better job for you during training.
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