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Run Down on boots!!

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Ok, my 92 Nordica Grand Prixs (the black ones w/the green dayglo buckles!!)are kinda falling apart and i'm thinking it's a time for something new. But with all this wiz bang stuff these days i'm doing a lot of head scratching.

Here's the run down. I'm a life long skier who did the whole ski school/ racing thing until i wondered off to college. i ski in NH on the usual Northeast hard pack. Expert skier who's tastes run toward highspeed super g type runs, although i could ski just about anything if the terrian was here. Gear tastes run toward the race side of things. Boards are rossi 9x pro course. Although i wouldn't mind the slalom board!! Because of connections i was looking at at pair of rossi race 1,2, or 3's, but it doesn't look like the connection is gonna come through. I'm a size 8 (26 DIN or whatever the hell the euros call it)and have a c/d width. I'm thinking of a race boot or one thats a step down from race. (although my ego says go full race all the way)

Whats the word on the rossi's last? ok for a foot a little on the wide side? anyone skiing a pair??

I tried a pair of tecnica icon (x i think) and they felt pretty good. whats the word on those? (other than ouch! $599!! I paid $250 in 92 for the grand prix)

I was looking at the lange L 10 i think but the guy at the shop said they were for a narrow foot. this true??

Another guy tried to sell me a pair of Head world cup ti (i think) they felt pretty good but a little on the soft side. Dude said it was because they were in a warm shop and would be plenty stiff outside. Honestly i didn't even know head made ski boots!! The gear snob in me is a little suspect... whats the word on these boots??

btw the pics i've seen of nordicas "doberman" look an awful lot like my current grand prixs!! Which were copies of the original grand prix that came out in 1976 or 77 I think. Anyone remember those...light blue with the dark blue cuff....umm I had a pair of those too!! (If nothing else nordica knows how to get mileage out of a boot mold!!) Is the dobie the same boot i have now?? If thats the case maybe i ought to tighten a few screws and replace a few rivets and keep skiing my grand prixs???

Damn! well you get the picture!! Whats your .02!!

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Head bought out San Marco a bunch of years back.If you are a C/D width I will let you know about Nordica W 10.2(mine is called the Beast but it is the same boot)I will be takeing it out this Sunday for it s first time.
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I ski Rossi boots and like them, try em on, you might like em too. I have a pretty wide foot (wide enough to not fit into Raichles and a bit wide for Langes) and the Rossis fit me perfectly.

You already ski Nordicas, so you could always try the Dobermans, from what I've heard they should be more than stiff enough for you.
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Hey man! I have a brand new pair of Beasts myself. I have an E width foot. OUCH!! My feet are too wide for the boots, but with a little work they'll be fine. All I need to do is spread the boot a little just below my arch. If your foot is smaller than an E the boot should work fine without any adjustment. The 10.2 is a really stiff, awesome form fitting, boot. You should totally love it. My .02 Matt
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Skid- stick with what has worked in the past. There is a reason you have boots that are 92' vintage. The new Doberman X-Tra Soft is the logical place for you to start.
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Just fix your old boots. Despite all the hype, boots have changed very little (in my opinion), and a new boot will offer little to no improvement over a top-end boot ca '92 that fits you well. For example, I recently tried a current pair of Atomic's race boots (betarace 10.50). They skied about the same as my other Austrian race boots did (1991 dachsteins and 1980 kastingers)...
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A few words to help.

Yes-new boots w/ custom footbeds.

Need a good boot fitter.

Alignemnt as part of the fitting process when you decide on the boot you want.
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actually, the Beast is a bit different from the 10.2 [img]smile.gif[/img]. It features a full length shock absorber from the heel to the toe. 10.2 only has the shock eraser on the heel. Also, beast has a translucent shell and a much lower price tag =) Wish i coulda bought one myself, but i think it's too late for that...probably sold out...

Jackson, try on a pair of Salomon Course X-scream (Saffron colored ones) boots. I have a C width (might be B) and it feels nice and snug. The 3D buckle works wonders and takes alot of pressure off the instep of the boot. At the same time, it locks your heel in place. It's race quality, but it's a hair softer than the Course boot that is red so it's geared a bit more towards all mtn skiing as well as racing. Heat moldable liner is great.

It's a very responsive boot and comfortable at the same time. I tried the Rossi Course 1 and well quite frankly, it was a pain in the @ss to get on.

I think the pricetag on the Salomons are around $675 MSRP, but you can probably get them for as low as $529 with the sales going on right now.
There have been quite a few favorable reviews of this boot on this forum too. Search for them and i think you'll get a better idea of what the boot's like.

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Melloboy - have you actually seen the 'Beast' in shops? I heard that it was available only to shop employees, reps, and Nordica sponcered skiers
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Mike B-
You heard right. The beast is only for employees and sponsored guys. But it is very similar to the 10.2
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no no,
I didn't see the Beast in stores =) If you look at my sig, i work at a ski shop =) Think it's too late to get a pair of them? size 26.5 =)

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Thanks for the replies guys!!Still haven't settled on anything yet!!
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the nordica w-10.2(The Beast)is deffinatly not a Grand Prix fit--the ski mags said it was for a narrow feet()but it packed out like some of the other nordica models ,which worked great for me since I have a d width and have skied the salomom perfoma 9 axe for the past 3 years ,the reason I tried the "beast" was 1-great price for shop employees 2-was one of the best fitting boots at SIA (as the w-10.2) 3-the booster strap------Booster strap is an elastic power strap that nordica uses on this model ,that they pay royalties to the inventor to use ( I assume )I had read about the strap several years ago and then met Ray the inventor at SIA and he gave me a pair to try.Later when I blew out my power strap from a little air I put on the booster strap on my left salomon boot and for the rest of the season my right turns were just as strong as my left turns ,that sold me on the booster strap so when the beast(w-10.2) became available ,I went for them .I have only used them one day and so far they appear as good or better than my Salomon Axe.Will go up again this Sunday for confirmation.As far as the Salomon X-Wave 10--they said it was the performa boot with the Course cuff ,yet when I put them on for 1/2 hour or more I find the heel is a lot tighter than my old axe 9--but it took 2 hrs wearing the Nordicas to pack out the heels on them.If interested I will let you know after this week end how "the Beast" aka W-10.2 does on its 2nd outing.so far I like them
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Keep in mind I have really wide feet. Though not as big as expected. Remeasured at just less than a double E. My opinion of my beasts... I just sold 'em to another shop employee. Got rid of them. Gone. I may try those x-wave 10.0's. Not sure yet. We will see. Those beasts are going to be really difficult to make alterations to because the plastic over the top of the foot is soft.

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Skid, I'll stick with Wink on this one. Go to a really good fitter, try on boots from several companies, each for about 5-10 minutes, without any preconcieved notions... get an idea what last is closest to your anatomy. Then pick the right boot in that company's line. Here are two well respected fitters in VT: 1) Green Mountain Orthodics in Stratton, VT (make an appointment). 2) Surefoot at Killington. Both are well respected.

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When talking Grand Prix fit you really need to talk before or after Nordica changed the last. 80s vintage Grand Prixs and some of the early 90s had a much narrower last than the mid 90 on. Your boot was right around when the last changed (I can't remember the exact year). I had a pair of 94 Grand Prixs (which were after the change) and now have a pair of 98 Grand Prixs. The W9.2 has a very similar fit to my Grand Prixs from what I can tell trying them on (the shop didn't have any W10.2s). I still have to try the Lange Banshee line, but I've tried various Technicas, Salomons & Atomics so far. So far the W9.2 fits the best but is a bit too soft for me.

My 20 year old son had a pair of Grand Prixs, also, which he needed to replace this year. He tried boots and narrowed it down to the second stiffest Head World Cup model (I can't remember the exact name) and some Salomon Wave 10s. He ended up with the Wave 10s and loves them.

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