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hi. its new years eve, im stuck at work for year-end inventory, and im sick....ive been sick for a week, no skiing for me. (the whole "standing up" thing is effort enough...)

I have had a flu or something that nearly sent me to the emergency room on christmas eve with a 103.6 temp. i have chills, fever, and now stuffy nose and I cant ski being sick.

I have two school age children so there is no avoiding picking up everything that goes around.

I just read that if I grind up a few celery stalks, along with a couple cloves of garlic in the blender and drink it like a juice It will give me the "T" something or others that will help me recover.

Any other tried and true remedies?

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I woke up this morning not feeling very well from last nights New years festivities,something I ate believe : and tried that garlic cocktail you saw in Ski Mag but also added a can of V8. It went down quite well.
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Man, I am feeling for you!

I dont' think there are any tried and true ways to alleviate the symptoms of the flu, but aspirin, juices, and chicken soup all help. Hydrate well, and there is something in chicken stock that unclogs things, or so they say.

My friends grandfather, age 85, and a camping buddy, would always say that the best way to be healthy is to flush out any germs by water in, water out, and his secret remedy was an enema! Well, Eeeeeek, I am not recommending that, but he has a point, and he is rarely sick. He splits wood at 6 am, and is super active and healthy. Perhaps he knows something. It's worth a shot.

I just say EWWWWWWW! :
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take 2500 mg of vitamin c every day, even when not sick...also if you have a sore throat or feel a cold coming on, suck on COLD-EZE lozenges (zinc gluconate glycine)I can't recommend this strongly enough
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~ whiiiiine ~

thank you for listining to me whine, and for the ideas. I still dont feel so hot and have a head cold now to top it off.


there must be something to that vitamin c thing, everyone is telling me that.

cold-eze taste terrible after the third or fourth one. yuck. but, so many people swear by them.


but that celery & garlic thing doesnt sound so bad when mixed with a V8...thanks for the idea!

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Linda, sorry but the old advice is still the same. Tylenol for fever and aches, decongestants for the stuffiness, and lots of rest and fluids. Warm fluids do help with the chest congestion. I feel for you big time, I HATE being sick. In preparation for my ski trips I get lots of rest, avoid sick people if possible, have tamiflu on hand, carry coldeze (it helps with my symptoms) and get a flu shot ahead of time. My first ski day 4 or five years ago was with rip roaring flu and the good news was I couldn't tell too much since it was blowing snow and it was a beginners class. The fever and chills and aches blended in well with the normal feelings I'd expect on a day like that. Problem was I ran out of gas at 3 pm and almost couldn't get up after I fell so I wobbled back to the gondola and hotel. By the way, I paid dearly for that day of skiing with the flu. I was sick as a dog for 2 more weeks after that. Take care, skidoc
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Originally posted by droldman:
take 2500 mg of vitamin c every day....
But work up to that dose slowly if you're taking none now!
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