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ski sickness

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Hi Last year I went skiing at Mt Sunapee. It isn't higher than 2,000 feet. Anyway, I got real dizzy and had to drive home.
I went skiing there again this year. I was ok for the first 2 hours. I wasn't even going to the very top. Than I start getting the following symtoms "on the chair when it swings" and while skiing. The symtoms are feeling dizzy and nashus. "NO HEADACHE". I try to drink water and keep food in me and I tried to accomodate myself to the weather and unzip my coat when it was too hot ect. I am a smoker but I have been cutting down and that day I didn't smoke at all. What gives? Skiing isn't going to be fun for me anymore because of this. Maybe I should start taking motion sickness pills before skiing? Sheesh I never had to do that when I was younger. All the articles about this claim ski sickness usually happens at very high elevations, not a small mountain like Mt. Sunapee.
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Hi, and welcome! I'm going to take a wild guess on this. I used to have the same exact problem. I discovered I was looking down at the snow while I skied.
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Hey neighbor [img]smile.gif[/img] Just a SWAG but this sounds like an ear thing to me, maybe you are unusually sensitive to pressure changes? I've experienced vertigo once or twice when my sinuses and ???eustachian tubes??? were clogged.

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You may be on to something with that, Steve. If that's the case, then you really need to be careful about not looking down while you ski.
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I just got some Diamox from my physician. I picked it up yesterday. She advised that I try it out ahead of time to see if there were any adverse side effects.

So far, it's ok. I am drinking lots of water (water in, water out!).

I have been living at 600 feet above sea level for 4 years now. Each time I fly, I am usually headed to a high altitude place. I get that sick feeling too. Perhaps this will take off the edge when Utah rolls around, so I don't have to spend the first 2 days wishing I were dead.

Will keep you posted on the results of this experiment.
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