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Sugar Daddy info!!

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Ok, here is my dilemma…I bought the Atomic R:EX to add to my arsenal of skis as a powder ski, however I found it to be one of the best all mountain skis and I now ski it everyday in all conditions (This is a good thing) BUT, now I am thinking : I would like the Sugar Daddy in addition to the R:EX as fun deep powder ski but have not had the opportunity to try the ski. So I am looking for feed back from anyone who has skied both the R:EX and the Sugar Daddy for comparison or someone who has skied the Sugar Daddy. Any info would be helpful [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I used to ride the 10EX in the 191 and now I ride it in the 184. Love these sticks! For bigger, steeper hills (Squaw and Mammoth for me) the are great all-mtn. boards. I spent a day on the 173 Sugar Daddies last spring, so I have some very limited experience. First, let me say that they plow through anything. I was amazed at how stable the 173 was, through both muck and crud and at speed. The don't short turn very well and felt extremely heavy to me. They are fat, but very one dimensional, most likely due to the stiffness and weight. I would look at other boards (new B3, Explosive or Gotama, Pocket Rocket) for pure powder.
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Thanks for the suggestion, after reviewing the spec’s of the PR and the B3 (in addition to info in these forums) I think you are right. It seems that the PR and the B3 have a little more girth but still have a respectable turn radius and my give me what I am looking for. I will be demoing the PR in a 184 (or something close) at the end of the month. Hopefully there is some descent snow!

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I skied on a pair of 183 Sugar Daddys at Mt. Baker two days after Christmas. That week the snow level hovered right around the base elevation, and 12 inches on Christmas day, 29 inches the day after, and 7-8 more on Friday blanketed everything in gobs of super-wet, heavy pow. It was damn deep and amazingly fun. The Sugar Daddys initially felt stiff and cranky, especially compared to a softer ski like the Pocket Rocket. As the day wore on, I grew to like them more and more. They are stiff, but because of that they can rip through that heavy snow and crud. They are freakin’ fat, and provide plenty of floatation. I took them in the trees, and through some pretty tight spaces - they don’t turn as fast as the PRs, but they do just fine. They seemed to excel on big wide open faces - they like to lay down fast, long radius turns.

That was only one day. In my limited experience, I like the Pocket Rocket a little better. The Sollies seem more versatile. The Sugar Daddy’s stiffness and weight limit its capabilities in my opinion. Still, it is a good ski, and a different skier might like it better. I would have no problems taking it out again.
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I skied a 183 cm last week (5'11", 185 lbs, aggressive, 28 years of skiing). I fell in love with the ski in crud and powder. I felt like I was floating on top of everything. It didn't like bumps at all but no surprise here, and it doesn't want to turn enough for me on the groomed. But it shines where it's supposed to shine.

Try it! It is great. But if you already have R:Ex and want to get a fat powder ski, you should try the Big Daddy and the V Explosive IMHO.

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