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I seem to have been okay'd for skiing

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Had an MRI in late August. Just saw an orthopediest this week. Didn't object to me skiing but basically gave the classic idiot's advice of "if it hurts when you do that, then don't do that."

My issue is back pain that relates to a partial herniation of a spinal disc. I suppose that's where I was shown the "tear" was noticeable on the MRI. Does this lead to a recommendation to ski with a brace on my back or what? Curious if anyone relates to this.

Oh yeah, I also have a "mild" scoliosis. Have no idea if it's relevant, but it's all in the same area...but of course.

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Start working with Lisa Marie or one of her buddies
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Within your Dr.'s recommendations, I would focus on strengthening your back and more importantly, your abdominal muscles. Do you have a physical therapy regimen that you are following? If not you may wish to ask the Dr. to provide one or refer you to PT for formal training. If she/he leaves this up to you, perhaps Lisamarie or others here could help you set something up.

You should also consider taking some lessons to help ensure your technique, or, better yet, attend the Epic Academy this January in Solitude, Utah. At least until your back is stronger, you will need to focus more on technique than you have in the past.


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Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you have been cleared. The exerices you need to focus on are the ones that utilize your transverse abdominal muscle, the deeper ones involved in balance and postural alignment.
Postural alignment is going to be crucial, since any deviation from ideal is going to put undo stress on your discs.

I believe that there are several National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainers in the NJ area. They are the ones that are most qualified to do postural assesment, as well as design integrated programa that will teach you how to correctly activate your core, and therefor protect your back.
Their site is http://www.nasm.org you can find a list of their trainers .
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lisakaz, if you are more the do-it yourself type, here is a link to an article on the subject.


The scope of the article may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it does an excellent job explaining how to properly exercise you transverse abs (not the easiest thing to do!).
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