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The Skiers Edge

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Have any of you had experience with the Skiers Edge? What do you think of it? Is it worth the money or do you think there are better products out there for the money? How much value does it add to actual skiing? Thanks for your input! :
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If you search through GEAR, INSTRUCTION and Off Season Sports, this topic has come up. I believe there might even be one or two topics in fitness [which is actually where it should be}
Ironically, I have never used one of them, since they have no presence at Fitness Conventions. I have used the Fitter from Fitter1.

Bob Barnes had some concerns about the skiers edge creating an incorrect use of the ankles, but i don't remember which thread it was in.

A cheap alternative eis a slide board.
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...and a better alternative for those of us who like mental stimulation is The Skier's Edge by Ron LeMaster.

Well worth £14.99, $19.99, or whatever currency you shop in!

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I have, and in past seasons I have used the Skier's Edge, but not this year. This year, I have been taking a ski conditioning class from the "other Lisa", LisaHardt, who also is a fitness instructor. She used a variety of techniques and equipment, including a Reebock slide board, Cybex machines, Roman chair, medicine ball, those big balloon balls [called?], and other equipment - sometimes in ways I hadn't previously considered. In addition there were "floor" exercises thatdid not use equipment. I have taken that class once a week and have done much of the routine on my own once a week. I also have played tennis at least twice a week. Also, I have lifted weights once or twice each week. My conclusions:

The ski conditioning class improved my tennis fitness.

The ski conditioning class and the tennis improved my ski fitness.

For the first time ever, I went out for the first day on the hill, and I never felt any weakness, pain, discomfort or tiredness during or after. In my opinion, ski specific conditioning classes with a trained instructor work - and work very well. During the season, I intend to continue at least some of the fitness routine and continue with the tennis and weight lifting. I plan to go through a ski conditioning class with a trained instructor before and during very season in the future.
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I tried the skiers edge for the first time this year. I like it,i think its damn near as fun as skiing.

Do watch your form though.
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lindaA, have you been using the one-footed attachment or the two-footed attachment?
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Hi FFF--

Since Lisamarie mentioned my concerns, I'd better elaborate.

The Skier's Edge is a fun machine, and I'm sure it can do great things for your fitness, and perhaps for your timing and rhythm. Superficially, it may feel "kind of" like skiing. That's certainly a good thing!

My concern is that the Skier's Edge makes your feet move sideways. The motion is very similar to unweighting and shoving your skis sideways into a skid, then rebounding (unweighting again) from the edge set and shoving them sideways the other way. This motion is the antithesis of the movements of high performance skiing! If they could modify the machine such that the feet would turn left and right, so that they could move the direction they're pointing, it would simulate "real" skiing movements more closely, although it would still lack the critical fore-aft component of real skiing movements. But as it is, I fear that it causes you to practice all the wrong stuff, and to ingrain some bad habits that may be very difficult to "unlearn."

As long as you aware of its potential downsides, I think the Skier's Edge could provide a good fitness workout that is probably as close to working the ski-specific muscles as anything else I've seen.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

[ December 02, 2002, 07:56 PM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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I definetly agree with Bob...its alot of fun, but it is not quite skiing....I hear this years model is alot closer though.

but if you keeep that in mind, i think its a good cardio workout, also, if you do it without the poles its good for balance. just allow plenty of clearance on all sides in case you loose it and need to quickly "dismount". [img]smile.gif[/img]

oboe, ive yet to try the one footed attachment...but im going to as soon as we dig it out of the basement. it looks like fun. (and alot of work.)
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I bought one 6 months ago. It's gotten more use than any other piece of fitness equipment I've owned, which is saying something. I pop in some ski porn and go!

It certainly hasn't hurt my skiing - I was lousy before, and I haven't gotten any worse! I'm definately in better shape this year and can ski farther between breaks.

If you decide to buy one, I think that I or any other current owner of one can get you $100 off by referring you. I don't remember the details, but I could find out.

I've tried the regular foot things, i think they're the "parallel carver" or something, and they are quite easy. I've also used the "powder/mogul master", which has both feet on the same platform, and it is very difficult, I break a sweat in under a minute.

I'm glad I got mine.

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without access to a gym or a trainer that can help you with ski fitness I think this is a great compromise, like bob b said it would be great if the pads would turn to simulate a carved turn but I see no way to do this, I even mentioned it to the skiers edge co. I have the series 4 with the seperate all mountain master foot pads, this is a big improvement over the old classic paralel which tied your feet together, also you can set the stance to 5 different widths from powder mogul to wide, this machine will greatly improve your balance, it should also help you to keep centered over your skis as you have to on this machine, no backseat skiing allowed, the only thing is you have to keep your feet flat & pointed straight ahead, the other big help I have seen is muscle memory & conditioning for skiing.
get one & enjoy
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Hey! If nothing tones up your butt!

Just turn your head quickly and catch the appreciative glance the next time ya jump outta bed in the morning...

Yur sweetie will be a grinnin'....*nodding head* *YUP* *Skiers Edge owner for 6 years*

Gotta have some fun with this thread!

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Used a "System 4" Skier's Edge for 2 years and love it -- it's a great complementary workout even if you never go skiing. Great for lateral movement and big help in tennis or any number of other sports. I do 20 minutes on a Nordic Track and then 20 on the Skier's edge -- they work great together and hit a range of muscle groups. I also think it has helped my skiing: improved my balance, gotten my weight centered on the ski,and essentially trained the muscles from my waist down to smoothly apply lateral pressure while in motion. Oh yeah, it also seems to have taught me to keep my upper body still and my hands forward.
Great machine as workout machines go.
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