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home gym equipment

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I'm looking for a cheap piece of home aerobic equipment to improve my cv fitness before a ski trip next year - because I'm working such long hours that I can't get to the gym! (and I don't want to go running on my own in the dark - scary people out there!)
Has anyone ever tried the delta xc skier machine? It's either that or a cheap elliptical trainer. Any advice welcome!
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Hey! Where have you been, girl? Cross country skiers have told me that the machines are nothing like cross country skiing. I love ellipticals, but i have never tried the home models.
The ultimate budget conscious piece of equipment would be a slide board. Problem is, it failed radically in group exercise, since very few people are fit enough to keep it up for more than 20 minutes. You would also need some sort of video that shows the different moves, lest you be bored to tears. Another option is a rebounder, http://www.urban Lots of ski specific moves.
Good luck and good to hear from you again! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I use a trainer for my bicycle when the weather's really bad. It cost about $200. I plop it in front of the TV and watch The News Hour, for an hour. I vary the effort to prevent death by boredom. It's really not that horrible, but I sure do sweat a lot. I'm soaking wet at the end of an hour.
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I picked up a used Tetrix stair climber (professional quality) for $400, and think you should be able to find something like it for less. This is a good skiing workout since it works the quads more than most others. I spend about 1 hour per day and do well enough at the beginning of the season. I think that you should be able to get just as good a workout with a stepping bench and a jump rope for about $40. After all the Navy Seals train with few mechanicals and they are in GREAT shape.

Just find something you will use and stick with it.

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Hey LM, I've been here all the time - just not posting much as I'm too tired to type when I get in from work!! (too lazy more like!).
Thanks for the advice all. I got so caught up with looking at the full on gym equipment I forgot there are much simpler and less expensive ways to shake yer ass! Went out and bought a rebounder today and a stability ball. It was slightly embarrassing when I couldn't fit the rebounder into my car - I had to drive home in the rain with the roof off and the rebounder looking like some kind of crazy antennae. "No officer, my vision is not obscured in the slightest". :

Anyway, I'm just about to put on my favourite ski vids and bounce away (after applying the essential boob duct tape!) I look like a complete dork so at the very least I should get a good abs workout from laughing so much.
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Bossu Ball seems to be kicking my butt pretty well right now. You're pushing $130 for one of those though...
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Originally posted by het:
. . . (after applying the essential boob duct tape!) I look like a complete dork so at the very least I should get a good abs workout from laughing so much.
I know I'm laughing, quite a mental picture you have drawn for us HET : .

OK, Tanglefoot, I give what is a Bossu Ball? :
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BOSU RULES!!!!! There are a few bosu topics on this forum. Check the search option. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey, Het, where's the video of the tape job?
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Thanks for the interest Kneale - photos will be appearing in the December issue of Jiggling Jugs magazine. :

I managed 40 minutes last night doing air guitar moves to MTV Nirvana session - it's great fun and I (almost) forget I'm exercising until I get off and can't move properly. I'm also finding it difficult not to spill my wine but I'm sure I just need more practice!
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Yet another quality mag not on my subscription list. Now, where's my pen.....

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