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Rossignol T-Power 9X

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Hey guys,


Im new to this forum! First of all some basics about me... I ski mostly in Greece (I think this forum is all about US, but I would like opinions!), im 25 (183cm - 78kg), i started skiing at the age of 12 but with some seasons passing by without skiing... From last season I became more passionate than ever with skiing. I currently have these skis (Rossignol T-Power 9X - 181cm) and my new Dalbello Aspect 100 boots.
I really want to start progressing in the off-piste + jumps section, so i was thinking its time to get a new pair of skis. By the way i started doing some easy backcountrys (~20-40 cm powder) and some jumps with these skis (want your opinion about that)...

SO anyways i was thinking a cheap solution for my case would be the Armada Elrey, but i tried the Armada Invictus as well but found them a bit wide for now (not that much powder the day i tested them).. I think the Elrey though are not so good in the on-piste sections, as they have no rocker and are more suitable for park. Any other ideas or your personal experiences will be valuable! 

I apologize if this post doesnt make any sense to you, but im a little bit confused as well about what I want! I want something that can go off-piste and be "playfull" in a line with jumps (to sum it up, if it does make sense!!).

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Hi - Welcome to Epic! Given your size, and what you say you're interested in these days, I'd recommend the following:


I think you're on the right track with the skis you've been trying, but you're not clear if by "jumps" you mean natural features or park terrain. You might look at some models that are more or less twin tips or have light early rise at both ends, in the 90-100 range, that will work all over the mountain, piste and off-piste, including both park and light powder. I'm thinking of skis like the Atomic Theory, Line Supernatural 92, Volkl Bridge (not being produced next year, so if you can find one from this season, worth the investment), Rossignol Slat, or if you want more of an emphasis on off-piste, Rosignol Sin 7, Blizzard Regulator, Kastle XX90.


One think to keep in mind is that while park skis will work pretty well in many off-piste conditions, firm settled or refrozen snow won't be one of them, and also the wider you go for float and dampness in powder and chop, the less fun it'll be in the park or air, or on ice. Also, a directional design (wider in front, flex aimed at moving mainly one way) will be more enjoyable across the mountain, while a symmetrical design (same width and flex back and front, aimed at lots of switch skiing and moves in the air) will be better in the park and air. So you may have some priorities to think about. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your answer! Sincerely, I couldnt expect a better answer than that! Since english is my second language, I dont use it for the ski terms, so I might be misguiding someone or even making some mistakes.

Yeah I was thinking natural features and some that are made throughout the piste by locals, definitely not in a park yet (since there is any "real" park in greek mountains, only some small ones)! I am super excited about the whole switch/fakie thing, Im even trying it with these skis to get the hang of it, so yeah Im looking for a ski that has pretty much the same width back and front. I was looking at the Rossignol 7 Series, and I liked the fact that they emphasize so much in the all-around aspect (which is what i want for now!).


So you think the 98 Width is ok for some pow?


But yeah I was thinking, is Faction any good (maybe a Candide model?!) ? I'm also interested in Line Sir Francis Bacon, seems like a legit solution (especially if you read the first review, which really sounded like another me! With the only exception that I ski way more than a week.)


"Comments about Line Skis Sir Francis Bacon:

If you like to carve, play around, find yourself some fresh unridden pow, spend time in the park or pretty much any other thing you can do on skis, THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU! I've skied since I was six, and being 25 now this ski is the first one I own. I can only get my feet on the mountain for one week a year, so I needed something that was going to let me ski the way I want to ski.
Fast, smooth, on or off the slopes, it does NOT matter for this ski, it performs effortless and elegant in every way.

I could go on for days how I love this ski, how it made me ride better than I could imagine, but you have to ride it to believe it."



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I was doing some research and I couldn't find the weight of these skis... Does anyone know?

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