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Anybody got any pro's or indeed cons of taking vits when in the mountains? if so, what do you suggest?
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I don't think skiing would require any different approach to vitamins than any other physical activity. For people like me, who only ski occasionally, I wouldn't be there long enough for them to make any difference. For those who ski more, it might help to have a good iron and B12 supplement to assist if possible getting your blood counts higher for the altitude.

Of course, since this is my first post, I could be wrong [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Welcome on board.

When on a ski trip, I just take 1 a day multivitamin & iron tablets - you can get them in Tescos at £2.50 for a large bottle (can't remember whether that's 150, 200 or what!)
That's what I do, and it seems to work for me.

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I take caffeine and ephedrine while on the hill. The combo enhances endurance and is a nice stimulant(if you like that sort of thing ) I also like to sip on a combination of whey protein and glucose polymers.
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Vitamin E is a good blood thinner. Those who have more red blood cells from extended high altitude exposure may find that thinning the blood eases the thump of your heart.
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