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Help with my Cruciate Ligaments

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What can I do to strenthen my ACL and PCL. I damaged them this summer skiing. I have been working on them now for 7 weeks with physio treatment aswell. I can quite happily cycle, row, cross train (machines in the gym), do leg extensions and curls and also leg press 200 Kg, all without pain or discomfort. However I cannot bound up stairs or hop on my bad knee without acute pain comming from the crucite ligaments. As these are both activites that will place the same stress as say jump turns I was wandering if any of you out there have any advise. The season starts for me in two weeks and I really don't want to have to wear a support.

I would love to hear any advise that any of you have
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Do a search in this forum for the word ACL. Must be at least 10 topics with info. best is ACL summary. You need to stop doing leg extensions, ASAP. For reasons why, do a search. Currently in Aruba, internet time is too expensive to repeat stuff that is all over this forum. good luck!
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