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Jay Peak Easter Weekend 2015

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Last year I first started skiing. It was late in the season when I first learned, and by the time April rolled around, I was not ready to let the season go, and convinced some friends to go to Jay Peak. Considering that that mountain is all about trees, it was really kind above my head, and I was barely confident enough to do black diamonds, let alone glades.


Forward a year later, and 40 or so days in a season, and I made it back to Jay Peak for this Easter weekend.


Day 1 - Friday was 60 degrees. It was downright hot, the snow was slurpy slush. I had no where to put my RFID card, so I couldn't ditch my jacket, but the pit zips were open, it was undone, I wore no hat, just my helmet with the vents open, and my pants open. No base layers either, just a regular t-shirt. I was still warm.


But man was the hero snow great. Could shoot down anything without worrying because it was all soft. Made doing moguls feel like a pro. I didn't really do much in the way of glades on Friday because I was with a beginner, and she couldn't do them. I did, however, hit the face chutes. Figured that I might as well while it was slushy. They have more bark than bite, and the soft snow made it quite easy. I took the most obvious path through, rather than the super tight paths skiers right of the tram house.


Day 2 - Winter was back, and the rest of the group arrived. This time I had my friends that I normally ride/ski with. It was snowing, and when we got off the tram at the summit, there were at least 4-6 inches of fresh powder on the ground. So, we went right to the face chutes (it was a good way to weed out the people who wanted to follow us, but who would not be able to do the same terrain as us without being mean). We dropped down the chutes in fresh pow, where only maybe 2 people had been previously that day based on the tracks in the snow.


After that we got a little split up, and did some easy lower mountain glades. When we got back to the base, we found the people we lost on the trail, regrouped, and hit Everglade. So much snow at the top. Made it downright wonderful. Almost deep enough for face shots. Followed up with Timbuktu, which wasn't good, because of it's lower position on the mountain, and perhaps the direction the snow was blowing in from.


We went back to the main area, and just kept lapping various glades on that side, where there was considerably more snow in the trees, and much softer. It snowed on the upper mountain on and off for most of the day.


Day 3 - We warmed up with the face chutes once again, and again, followed up with Everglade. We did Andre's Paradise, which was much more fun than Beaver Pond in my opinion. It seemed less skied, and therefore had more snow, plus I found the terrain in there more fun.


We took the tram to the summit once again, and then dropped into the Valhalla Glades. Once we exited those, we figured that there was just enough space in the trees below to make them skiable, and we saw plenty of fresh, so we went right in, and stayed in the trees to the base, this time completely unmarked stuff.


Since there was a long drive back to New York ahead, we called it early, finishing up with Northwest Passage, or at least what I think was northwest passage, and then had a easter brunch buffet at Alice's table.







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Looks like a grand way to end a stellar season!

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Cool TR, Thanks for sharing. 

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Jonathan Keller,


Nice pictures.


Makes me want to take a trip to Jay's.  (Perhaps I'll go once I get skilled enough to ski some black♦ trails.  Although from your description, I suspect I would enjoy my visit even if I just skied blues&greens.)

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Thanks for sharing, great pictures.  I was there Sat, Sun.  Upper mountain had very good snow, mid-winter like conditions.  Did Big Jay on Sun.

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