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Balance Boards & Ramp angle / heel lifts

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In order to simulate our true in the ski stance, should we use our balance boards with heel lifts under our ski boots?

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If you have adopted heel lifts to overcome a lack of flexibitily in your ankle, perhaps the use of the balance board in unrestrained footwear will allow you to remove the lifts from your boots.

If the heel lifts are to get your calf above the boot shaft, then you should always have them in your boot.

If the heel lift is to counter a negative toe/ heel binding arrangement, the balance board is not going to replicate this condition, and you should remove the heel lifts.

There are many other options, consider what you are trying to accomplish.

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Maybe my question was too short and I do have a small heel lift for one leg. The point I'm trying to make is that when I click into my skis the heels are now higher due to the ski binding (the heel being approx 1 cm above the toe). I'm trying to work out if lifting the heels (under the boot) on the balance board to simulate the ski binding heel lift is a good idea. I'm thinking perhaps this binding lift alters our stance or how the boot cuff aligns with our leg.

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Interesting question. Still thinking about it. There is a definite benefit to training the ankles in unrestrained footwear. But there is a sports training group in Canada that also has their skiers do balance equipment with their ski boots on. I would probably say do both. Maybe some bootfitters can reply?
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