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Kids Race Boots. Brand fit.

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Hi Boot Gurus,

Situation - 2 boys. Boy 1 (8) ; Boy 2 (7)

Boy 1 - 8,62lbs, 52"(132cm). This year boot 21.5, TechRPro60(4buckle). Foot is long, medium/narrow, low/medium forefoot, thin calf. Performance, can flex boot, but definitely needs to stick w softest flex model (jrrace) next year. He does need performance , he carves, is very technical and is having much success racing. I kept him in a 3 buckle and non race stock ski as long as I could till this year U10. Also his feet were freezing whenever below 20F, but normal for him. Looking for next year. Happy w Tech, but if a boot model is known to suit his foot more than I would appreciate the advice. Heel pocket might be a bit sloppy for him. Does Lange still cater to long flat thin feet/calf? I'm a product of the 80's.

Boy 2 - 7,67lbs,51". This year boot - old passed down Lange, 3 buckle 20.5 kids race boot. Foot is meaty and Flintstone like. Average length and medium/wide with thick forefoot and beefy calves. Performance, crushes the flex, skis like a caveman, but is also fast. Would like to go 4 buckle, hopefully his brothers Tech and will NOT go race stock ski yet. Feet never cold. Loved the 3 buckle Lange , but time has come to unleash the beast and concerned w thick calf fit on 4 buckle. I seem to remember Dalbello suited for wider feet.

Boys ski 50 days/season and have done so as soon as they could walk. Do not want to put them in the latest and greatest, just because it's what everyone has. Plenty of kids on their team ski like they're sitting in a chair because they look like they're sponsored by HEAD.
Thanks for the feedback.
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just about ALL brands of boots make adult boots in ALL shapes, from narrow to wide.     Gone are the days of brand Z = wide and brand Y = narrow.


that is for adult.   most Jr boots are a 100mm (average) fit.   some are a bit narrower. 


best to try a bunch on, at your local store, and see what fits the kids the best.

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