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Balance, Balls & Bongo

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Okay the BIG SHOW is coming and there has been much talk about balance. Lots of fancy “balls” big, small, and yours. Bongo boards and other weird and costly devices. So here are a few “no cost” exercises from the Oz fitness regime to improve your balance. Be careful folks; don’t let the kiddies get involved. You total freaks that already attempt to stand on your really fit balls …. Just hook in!

Okay 4 simple city jungle exercises to improve your balance.

1.When driving your wheels fast along winding roads, as we all do from time to time, instead of dropping your head into the turn and pretending that your rusty pickup is Shummies Ferrari drop your head to the OUTSIDE of the turn. Gently at first and then more aggressively as your balance improves.

2.Find an escalator that has stopped running. This shouldn’t be too hard in mall land. Now walk quickly towards the top of the escalator and maintaining pace walk to the bottom. It must be a seamless walk from top to bottom. Watch the first & last two steps as they can be tricky and you may stumble the first few times.

3.Walk down the street empty handed but do not swing your arms. (New Yorkers already do this) When you come to the sidewalk stop before crossing (New Yorkers join in here) BUT don’t swing those arms when you start off again. Stop, start and NO swinging of arms.

4.Board a train (its not that scary) now set yourself up with feet hip wide apart and your butt against the slide-opening door. (Sydneysiders will have to wait for a silver train as the red ones still have swing doors) Drop your butt down a little on the door and wait. Just when quad burn sets in the train will arrive at your station, wait, wait, I said wait, now at the first feel of the door opening sideways bring the hips forward into a neutral stance position and hold it.

5.Get in an elevator and ride it facing the back wall and no looking at the floor indicator lights changing. Take some lippy if you must and pretend to fix your face. The taller the building the better. Standing in a neutral flexed ski position count to 5 and then jump a few inches off the floor. Every five seconds repeat. When the lift stops are your ready?

So you do not have to spend money on Balance, just try my exercises as you go about your daily business and you will become the most balanced person you know. Others may not think so! Pay no heed to the thoughts of others because deep down inside where the ski animal lurks you will be READY & TOTALLY BALANCED for the BIG SHOW.

Oz [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Nice Oz - but no trains elevators or escalators down here - any others?

We have lots of cows... HEAPS of grapevines, some berry farms... an ex-mental hospital(great roads to rollerblade around as it is now a university & no-one works there after 5pm) & a high security prison - NO I'm NOT playing TAG with the prisoners - they are mostly mad - I should know used to prepare their mediaction...
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