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Need Advice: Fat skis for level 7/8 female

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Hi all,

I just got done searching through the last 40 days worth of messages but I still need to post this question: What fat skis would you recommend for the following person? (I'm looking for something with a waist-width of about 80mm and about 170cm long, ideally well-behaved on hardpack.)

Female level 7/8 skier
130 pounds, in good shape
Moderately aggressive
Moving to Utah from East coast
30% on-piste, 70% off-piste (once we move, that is)
Not really a pro in the powder, but wants to be

I look forward to everyone's advice. You've got a lot of knowledgeable regulars on this board, which is nice to see.

PS. Probably won't get a chance to demo before buying, sadly...

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I'm sure a lot of other thoughts will come up but the XScream Series in a 169 (I think) would be my recommendation. If you get a chance also check out the XScream W.
I liked the Atomic 10.20 as well but I didn't get a chance to try the correct length when I was in Utah. The only one they had was too long.
I ski the XScream series 187CM, and am 160lb Male level 9 skier and love the Xscream series for an all mountain ski.
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Of the two powder skis that I tried, the Volant Chubb and the Bandit XXX were the most versatile on powder and groomed. I was having a blast on both, but the smoother rebound of the Chubb was more to my liking than the snap of the XXX. Personal preference thing. At the end of the day, the Chubb just didn't beat me up as much. Very forgiving. One of the local retailer's #1 and #2 selling skis (for all categories) are the Bandit XXX and the Chubb respectively. Granted, this is in Alaska.

Depending on conditions on where you will be living and how many powder days you will be experiencing, perhaps one of the many excellent mid-fats would be the ski of choice. You can always rent powder skis when a really epic day comes along, and that way you can try out a variety of skis before you buy.

185cm Volant Epic
190cm Volant Chubbs

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Fat skis for a ski gurrl.... That's tough. Most of the wide stuff is marketed at the big macho boys. My girlfriend was shopping for powder boards last spring and it was pretty slim pickings. She's roughly your same shape, size, and ability. The Volant Chubb comes short enough (170 last year, 168 this year) but that's pretty much useless on anything but powder. The new Salomon Pocket Rocket comes in a 165 but, once again, that's a little more specialized than you might want. I think the Atomic Ten.Ex is a little too beefy for you (my personal favorite). Atomic also makes an incredibly wide heli-ski that comes in short lengths. The fat Volkl and Rossi don't come in short sizes and are also pretty beefy for a woman. K2 probably has something in a 165 or 170.

My girlfriend was skiing on the new Salomon CrossMax Pilot 8 in a 170 in Chile a couple of weeks ago. It isn't a true fat ski but it has quite a bit of surface area. She was getting pretty good float in what was thigh deep on me (I'm 6'3"). It seemed to work really well for her off-piste in a few inches of fluff over a firmer windblown layer. She had that ski on rock hard spring crunch bumps and buttery corn snow last spring and was happy with it then, too.

If you already own a good pair of western everyday skis (rather than some eastern ice skates), the Volant is probably the most sane thing to add to your quiver for those big powder days. If you're lacking a good soft snow and off-piste every day ski, I think you should demo several pairs of mid-fats and make sure you try the CrossMax 8. I ski the X-Scream Series but, to disagree with dchan, I think it's too beefy for most 130 lb women.<FONT size="1">

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Hey, I can finally answer a ski question. I say the AK Launcher. This, or Olins version (which is the same ski) are destined to be classics of the initial first mainstream offerings of fats. They never got well played up because the tails are fairly soft and they aren't so versatile in the hardpack, but for a lighter guy or woman, they should do great as a 'strictly powder' ski. Here's an interesting thing about fats - they let beginner powder skiers become very competent in powder almost immediately.

dchan, xscreamseries are not 'fats'. They don't even float very well compared to other 'mid' fats really...
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Thanks for all the input so far, everyone. It seems like I wasn't really clear about what kind of ski I was looking for. I'm hoping to get something with a waist width around 80mm.

Not that it really matters, but the girl in question is actually my girlfriend, not me. I'm a 160 pound super-duper-big-mountain-new-school-jibber-shredder-cliff-dropper-park-monkey-pow-skier-meat-hucker-straight-liner-gear-junky-ski-guy with a serious addiction to skiing.

irul&ublo, yeah, I finally stopped by to really check this place out and I was very impressed by all the serious gear discussion backed by personal experience.

For just shooting the breeze, I think I like the sarcastic (that's my style) Powdermag scene more though, as long as it is all in good fun.

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Check out www.footloosesports.com they have some pretty good staff reviews of several skis that wouild fit your criteria.
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Welcome to Epic ski.What part of Utah are you planning to move to?If you have never skied here before you are going to love it.
As for skis I think if you are only going to have one pair od skis then go with a mid fat like the Salomon Xscream,or the K2 Axis.Both are great all around skis and have good float in Powder.I see a lot of woman around here skiing on the Volkl 20/20.
Good luck with your search.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Hey Utah49,

I've only skied Alta/Bird for 2 days each, but you guys did get about 3.5 feet during that long weekend, so it was pretty sweet.

My girlfriend and I have friend with a 3BR condo real close to SLC, so we'll probably crash there for a few weeks while we get our skis legs and scope out the housing scene.

These skis are for her, but she is not a crazy gear-nut like I am so she has asked me to recommend some skis and she'll just get those. Oh, the pressure!

So, where do you ski usually?
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I would second the launcher, too soft for large guys but would seem perfect for a young lady.
you could also try out some evoloutions when you get here or see what they have ready made to sell. nice softer wider skis.
S...L....C, see ya real soon.
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Depending on what she already owns (I'm guessing a few year old pair of relatively narrow eastern skis), as Utah49 mentioned, the k2 Axis might be a very good compromise -ie, good on anything but silly deep days for somebody that is only 130 lbs.

This summer, I've seen lots of "Mod 7/8's" (ie, last year's name for the Axis) on sale at great prices. While they have a 70 mm, not 80 mm waist, their tips and tails are quite wide (111/70/101). This gives them substantially more surface area than the usual eastern skis (eg, 10.22 - 99/62/90; 9.24 - 94/62/85; Speed Carve - 104/63/94, etc. ). Perhaps, even more importantly, they are soft enough that someone as light as her can decamber them in the pow so that they will rise to the surface and be able to turn. With respect to performance on packed snow, they aren't p40 ice skates, but they certainly will be a lot better on hardpack than a true fatty.

A possibility that is in the 80 mm range is this year's 10.ex's. They are apparently going to be available in shorter lengths, and they are going to vary in flex with length to accomodate a wider variety of skiers. I say, "apparently" because I have seen this stated on places like powdermag.com, but haven't heard it from Atomic myself.

Finally, over the years, I have seen people repeatedly make the suggestion to rent fatties on powder days. Well, let me tell you, in my experience, this is NOT easy to do. A lot of other people have the same idea at the same time, and stores just don't carry all that many of these specialized skis, so they never seem to have the model or length you are interested in. This fact finally drove me to buy a pair of Volkl Explosivs for myself, and I found them so versatile for slop and other conditions that I never once regretted the decision.

Tom / PM
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The AK Launcher is probably the closest ski to what you are looking for. It comes in a 160, and is 88 mm under foot. My girlfriend and I both have the 165 AK with randonee bindings on them, and they have proven quite versatile. I also have the 180 AK, and have been amazed at what an awsome every day ski it is, even in bumps. I just wish the twin tip version (AK Enemy) came in a length besides 188. By the way Olin has not made their version of the AK; the Outer Limits for a while now. K2 only made about 4 Olin Models last year, and I don't think they are making any next year. Too bad, they were the same skis but cheaper.

The Pocket Rocket would also be a good choice. It has a 90mm waist, but enough shape to carve up the groomed pretty well. It to comes in a 165.

There are no skis with an 80mm waist that come in a size under 170. I have Skiing Trade News buyers guide for next year, and those are the closest. Other skis that are maybe worth considering; 163 K2 Enemy 75mm (I love the Enemy), 158 or 168 Volkl V 75mm, 170 Volkl V Pro 83mm, 161 or 169 Salomon 1080 75mm, 160 Rossi Bandit XX 74mm, and the 163 Fisher Alltrax 74. Some of these are twins, don't worry, that just makes them more fun. Here in Mammoth, most of the local hot shots ski fats or midfat twins and fats exclusivly. Heck, my barely used Mod X's are my rock skis, because they just are not wide enough.
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Suggested 1st choice: Gravity Chubb fka. Ti Chubb, aka. The Chubb.168 cm w/10.5 side cut. 112-86-104 dimensions

2nd choice a little more of an all round ski:T3 Power 170 cm. w/14 side cut. 105-72-95 dimensions.

3rd and possibly the best based on her ability, if she can only buy one pair of skis:The Vertex power 165 cm.w/15 mm side cut. dimensions:104-70-97

Suggested binding for any of the skis: Marker's new "Piston" binding.

Better decide quickly, since it is questionable whether Volant will ever be back in business again. You may want to buy one of each, the Vertex and the Chubb

Happy Skiing out there in Utah. The Chubb is great for Utah powder !The Vertex is designed specifically for women.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks the the info wink, I appreciate it!

Althought, I must say I would lean away from buying skis from a company that is going out of business (whether they will or won't is not my point) because you're SOL if they bust.

Right now, I must say I'm looking at getting her Bandit XXs in a 170. Probably a bit much for her right now skill-wise, but she is athletic and they are 74mm in the waist which should give OK float. It looks like the Rossi Rebel XX has the same dimensions, perhaps without dualtec/bells&whistles, etc. Hhmmm...

Course, the 10EXs are rumored to be available in shorter/softer sizes this season, but this is unconfirmed as of yet.
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If I were gonna buy a fattie this year, I'd go 168cm 10ex. I wish they had made that length last year. From what I've heard, it will be light enuf for hiking/off piste yet stiff enuf for the crusty windblown. I sure wouldn't want to haul around a Chubb! I haven't tried the 10ex but plan to.

The 165 Launchers would work well too. The short length won't be a problem unless she wants to go fast in crappy snow (which I doubt would be a desire if she is an intermediate).

I would encourage her to demo stuff. It is a real important part of the learning curve. She will learn a lot about her own preferences and style. When I demo, I also ski my regular skis so I have a direct comparison. I wouldn't rush into buying gear unless you just have to (as in, you can get outrageous prices now but won't be able to later).
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Don't even think about it. From many sources, I have heard the 10.ex is coming in two shorter lengths this year. Buy the 168 before the short ones are gone. Get it NOW. I have skied most of the mentioned fat skies except the AK Launcher and the 10.ex is GREAT>

Jim from Idaho
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