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Record of my own PMs?

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May be a dumb question, but is there a place I can see PMs I sent but did not result in an answer or conversation? If I drafted one but forgot to send it, is the draft saved anywhere?
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Under PMs there are inbox, sent, draft and trash folders that should have what you're looking for.
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Thanks. Figured out how to reach that menu. But the PM I'm thinking of isn't there. Guess I just turned off the IPad without sending or saving. I guess drafts aren't saved automatically.
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Actually, somewhere at the bottom of the desktop profile, I came across saved drafts once. I don't know if it covered PM's or not, but I found stuff that was years old.
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Found that too, but it wasn't there. Just forgot to send or save it. Will have to adjust the afternoon single malt level.
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