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I do a lot of quick stops between business trips.  For convenience, SLC is really hard to beat.  The airport is so close to the resorts, it's a no-brainer.  Deer Valley sounds like your type of place, but if your wife snowboards that's not going to work.  It's a bit further out (think 60 minutes versus 30 minutes), but I would check Sundance.  My wife who likes groomers absolutely loved it over Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Solitude.  The food is also very good there if you can cough up the dollars.  (Only other resorts I've visited that had better food was Zermatt.) The Sunday brunch at the Foundry Grill is pretty great and shouldn't be missed.

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Originally Posted by TJ Snowbird View Post

Many groomed trails, no one in my family of four skies [sic] bumps.
ungroomed trails are a turnoff.

Great glade skiing


Still trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance around these three. Sorry if it was addressed elsewhere and I missed it.


Glades are never groomed, and more often than not are bumped up to one degree or another, even in the west - sometimes to a great degree. I don't understand how you can say you want great glade skiing and also say you don't like or ski ungroomed trails or bumps.

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Actually, when Hellroaring Basin is open, Glory Hole is sometimes groomed and the cat wanders in and out of the trees lower down. But the entrance is on the steeper side before that point.
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I have been fortunate enough to fly out west with my family a few times during the summer months. We spent time at copper, allowing us to hike there, vail, d drive to rocky mnt national park. On a different trip, we visited Yellowstone, the Tetons, and hiked the area around jackson hole. Yes, for an avid skier, I need to pick the opposite season to visit. Oh yeah, hiked Baker and rainier in Washington. You are correct, I'll buy it for winter, knowing full well I'll use it plenty in summer.

Funny thing about skiers, and it sounds true of people posting here as well, we are awed by the mountains. Seems to me colorado's are the most remarkable. Looking forward to a trip to utah next winter.
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To clarify my point: Intermediate glade skiing on powder or somewhat smoother conditions is what I learned to enjoy this past week at jay peak. Kokomo or Bushwhacker at jay are easier, but enjoyable for me. What I struggle with are the ungroomed trails. Learning to ski in pa I am accustomed to icy, fast groomers. Just this year I began experimenting with skiing bumps.
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While I originally recommended Deer Valley, I now think Summit County, Colorado might be your best bet with perhaps Keystone being the best of what you are looking for (as Keystone does have some intermediate glades in the Outback area with plenty of steep groomers).  Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Vail and Beaver Creek would also work and are just down the road.

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Fly into Aspen and ski Aspen/Snowmass/Highlands. If my 9 y/o can handle the groomers there, then you can. 10 mins from ASE to town and most places have a free shuttle. Free buses between town and resorts, too.
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Originally Posted by TJ Snowbird View Post

Thank you. What I meant was tree skiing is high on our list, but Ungroomed trails are not.

Isn't that kind of an oxymoron "tree skiing is high on our list, but Ungroomed trails are not"?   All tree skiing is going to be ungroomed trails!  I don't know of any snowcats/groomers that are small enough to fit between trees in true gladed skiing terrain.

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Beaver Creek is a great family resort. They do have some intermediate glades for the family as well as harder ones. A plus is the proximity to Vail and Breckenridge with the same pass should conditions vary or you desire more variety. BC is pricy but you can find less expensive lodging in Avon.
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Don't pull a TCC and overthink it, just go wherever you can find a good deal.  You'll have a great time at any Park City (except DV because of your wife) or EPIC Colorado resorts.

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Originally Posted by Lofcaudio View Post

EDITED TO ADD: I have a hard time recommending Snowbird and Jackson Hole to people who say "ungroomed runs are a turn-off."


This. Big sky is a much better choice than Jackson if you're going that far.
Agree 100%.
Going to Jackson as an intermediate or lower intermediate? Don't see the point. It's steep. Way steeper on average than Stowe for groomed terrain. Does Stowe have any extended steep groomed terrain?

Big Sky is much better for diverse groomers.

But, if you're willing to fly to secondary airports like Bozeman and Jackson, instead of just SLC, i'd go with Aspen/Snowmass which beats both Big Sky and Jackson for what you want and has serious steeps to try.
I mean you'd have Buttermilk, basically to yourself.
I suppose one could counter with, " you'd have Moonlight Basin". ( part of Big Sky now). Hmmm, good point, basically you could hunt at Moonlight...
I guess I'd counter with Aspen/ Snowmass has a town and stuff. Big Sky no, Jackson yes.
If you do go to Jackson, you must go to Targhee. It's more what you're looking for. Even kids glades.

But, with some exceptions, glades means bumps. Pretty much everywhere. So learn basic bumps.
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If OP is willing to go to Canada, I would also suggest Lake Louise. Amazing, really long beautiful groomers (and great grooming team). There are runs of most colours off each lift, so your family can ride up together, ski down different runs, but keep meeting up at certain points. Also the views are stunning. You can fly into Calgary, get accommodation in LL, and have a shuttle to the ski resort everyday - you can also do side trips to Banff, go snowshoeing, ice skating, dog sledding...I've also taken lessons at LL and think their instructors are really wonderful. Most of front and backsides are groomed. There is also always one groomed run in each of the bowl areas on the back, so you can check out that terrain as well. 

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