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Spent the last weekend of March at Sugarbush, with a day at Okemo on the way up and Stratton way back. Conditions at all three were excellent - mountains fully covered both on and off snowmaking areas. Sugarbush especially was an absolute blast - that is a true gem of north east skiing, especially if you like trees. Some of those woods are seriously tight and steep.


There was a reasonable amount of folks at Sugarbush for the weekend, but lift lines were no problem at all, and a decent amount of snow Friday and cold temperatures - the pond skim took place at 22F - kept conditions great. The very bottom of Castlerock under the chair was starting to melt out, but everywhere else was well covered.


We got some early snow and then freezing fog at Stratton on Monday. Again, conditions were good, especially in the trees. Unfortunately they closed Sun Bowl, which left a lot of very tempting looking runs unavailable. It was a fun, cruisey day.

Lots of pics and report at

Hopefully winter won't recede too quickly up there, as I have the last weekend in April off. Might still be some fun to be had around Jay and Sugarloaf. It's been a great season in New England - we stole all the snow from the Pacific Northwest ;)