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If they talk about carving on their straight ski- they have absolutely NO CLUE what the concept of carving is and what it references. Anyone who claims to carve on straight skis is either talking about 60+ meter turns or is talking out of their ass, there are no, absolutely NO exceptions to this. Phil Mahre wasn't 'carving', Ingemar Stenmark wasn't 'carving'... no one posting here was carving on their old skis. Period, end of discussion. To claim otherwise is to announce your ignorance. Sorry but it is the truth and it needs to be said. 





I am trying to understand what you are saying above. I guess your meaning is if you are making less than 60 meter turns on old straight skis you are not truly using pure carving technique? Is that correct. If feel I can make smaller carved turns than 60 meters on my old straight skis by bending them, but there is a limit which might be something like 30ish meters. Smaller than that and you have to add pivot or slarving or some slip.