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season preparation basics

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I was thinking, I go to the gym anyway every now and then, what should I work on to be in good shape for the season? (I suppose legs...?) I don't plan to put in a lot of work so what would you recommend for a person like me who will make minimal (but some) effort to get fit especially for skiing.
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Introduce yourself to the bike, if nothing else. At least a couple times a week, keep the rpm's at least 80, go for at least one half-hour. Strengthen the abs and lower back. Everything else (more weight-lifting, balance drills, etc.) up to your time and will.
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My favorite set of exercises when I really don't want to do any, is light weight squats and lateral lunges.

I use a smith machine for safety, put anywhere from a 10 lb plate to 45 lb plate on either side. Then do 4 sets of 20. While doing so I visualize the steepest, nastiest run I can, with a mandatory 10' air exit. To me it simulates the stresses on the muscle of an aggressive crud busting run.

Then I do lateral lunges. 3 sets of 10 - no weight. I concentrate on sinking low and then exploding off of the contracted leg, plant my imagninary pole, and lunge out again.

On days where I'm feeling more aggressive, I add a plyometric circuit, leg extensions, curls, abductors, adductors and calves.
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Stairs, stair machine or a ladder machine all will provide the basic leg exercises you need. The best will be the stairs where you can add some lateral motion, which will be lacking in the machines.

Try 30 minutes to 2 hours each day. Although, if time challenged, you could do 20 minutes. Add leg exercises (see the alternatives to lunges thread) as necessary. You do not need machines or gyms but they can make the process simpler.

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I bought "Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness: A Comprehensive Training Guide" and thought it was great. Lots of functional exercises for various outdoor activities. No nonsense content -- it is by an MD and Physical Trainer in Seattle and published by the Mountaineers. You can get it at Amazon via the ski shop here at Epicski.com and AC will get a kickback.
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I started rollerblading this preseason and it's incredible how similar it is to skiing. You get a cardio, balance, and somewhat of a strength workout all in one.

Bullet, do some research on the Smith Machine. It's bad for your knees.
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I've been blading on the weekends. It's a kick isn't it. Similiar movement patterns although my stopping is as accurate (ouche!)
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