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Moment Underworld 2014-15

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Click Here to see the wicked graphics or the unique rocker/camber:




Length Tested: 187cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  25

Camber:Other Moment's "Dirty Mustache" rocker/camber/flat/camber/rocker

Binding: Attack 13

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)



Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Sugar Bowl, Alpine Meadows, Mt Rose, Northstar

Number of Runs: Dozens? Hundreds, around 10-15 days of skiing

Snow Conditions: From serious powder to refrozen hardpack, to chalky, to corn, to slush

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:



Height/Weight: 6'2" 200lbs

Ski Days/Season:~25-30

Years Skiing: 5

Aggressiveness: (select one, delete the rest):  Moderate(Finesse) 

Current Quiver: Moment Underworld, Line Supernatural 92, Kastle LX82

Home Area: North Tahoe

Preferred Terrain (select one/all, delete the rest):  groomers, bumps, off-piste, trees


Let's start with Moment's "Dirty Mustache". I've heard a lot of people dismiss this out of hand as gimmicky, without trying it.  I promise you that if I spray painted these skis and put you on them without an opportunity to examine their profile, you would ski them and not notice a thing strange or odd in the way they ride. 

What you would notice is that in chalky to slushy conditions (and everything in between) they get up on an edge and hold it pretty darn well for a ski 106mm wide and with considerable tip/tail rocker.  They also plow through soft bumps, piled up, trenched up, chunder, crud, etc. I can't say I don't feel it all, but they don't deflect or dive, really at all. It helps that I am 200lbs no doubt, because these are super light and only moderately stiff skis. But they are really one of the most stable skis I've ever tried and I am a demo day whore.


They are also super easy to swing around in tight quarters for a ski this size. Although if you want a mogul or tree ski, going shorter is well worth it. I skied the 181 also on the demo day and didn't really find any instability even at my size. But I don't ski at mach stupid either.


I also demo'd the Deathwish same day. The underworld is considered the "touring" version of the Deathwish. That's about right. Lighter, and 10mm narrower, it was noticeably quicker edge to edge and even more fun than the Deathwish.


The truly frozen hard as a rock is not their forte. They struggle to hold an edge, slide on death cookies, chatter in the tips a little (although I've experienced much worse). On the other hand, you didn't feel like you were going to die. Just that you need to take it easy going down this run and change skis or wait for conditions to soften before you go back up.


They are also not really deep western powder skis, at least not at my size. I've skied them in up to 8-10 inches of untracked and they are just great. Beyond 12", at least with a big guy like me on them, they start to get bogged down. Especially in sierra cement. I skied them as deep as 30-36"* and, uh, well, lets just say it was a labor of love.


*That storm in Feb 2015 dumped 24" on Sugar Bowl. I skied (er, attempted) Sleigh Ride with my daughter that day and they were going full tilt making snow on top of the natural. hence 30-36".


I love the ski and it is great for everything except true ice and hero powder. I don't believe in a one-ski quiver, but these are a blast on anything but the most extreme conditions.


Graphics: Freaked my daughter out initially. She swore she wouldn't ride the lift with me, but eventually relented. I didn't like em and I am not the target market. But now I think of em as my FU skis.  FU if you don't like em (or don't like a 45 yr old dude on them). They are pretty damn fun!  With an open mind I find the creepy graphics amusing now that I've gotten used to them. And the 19 yr old lifties saying "Awesome skis man" make me smile.

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Very fun ski. I've been skiing it since last year.
The softer the snow, the better it is.
As mentioned above, the ski is good.
On ice and firm groomers it struggles and the tips do flap.
It has plenty of rocker in front and back which makes it nice in powder or slush.
I m skiing the 181 with marker Tour 12s. Fairly light in this configuration. Right around 12 lbs total. I can weigh them again if anybody is interested.
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