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Fischer RC 4

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Hi guys, Does anyone here skied on these skies?


After 2 demos I ve narrowed my searches to either Head I.supershape ( rally or magnum) have skied on Rallies but they didn't have magnums on demo . My other choice could be Fischer RC4 Superior Pro- this one I didn't ski but years ago I've have had othe Fichers ( lower model) which one I liked. Im in midwest, 100 % groomed trails, sometimes hard, icy spots. 



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While I have not skied this specific ski, Fischer makes excellent carving skis. I ski the World Cup Sl, and, demo'd many of their recreational carvers. I would not have any misgivings about the deal you are looking at, especially if you ski small mountain icy groomers. They compare very closely with the Head Supershape line, which, can be a little confusing to select between the Rally, Magnum and Speed due to the fine distinction between the skis.


New Fishers with bindings for $500 is a pretty good deal. 

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Looks like a good deal.

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