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Killington in May

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I understand that it's impossible to predict the weather over the next 4 weeks, but how much of Killington is generally open during early May? Do they keep open as much as possible, or do they close it all down and just ski one trail (Superstar, I believe)? Do they still charge $80+ for lift tix in May? We would be coming up from NYC so want to make sure it's worth the drive.



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Superstar and possibly skylark will be the trails in early May. They've blown an insane amount of snow on Superstar, so it's likely to last well. It does get groomed sometimes in late season, but expect bump skiing and spring conditions.

Day ticket prices will probably be lowered by then.

To get nearly day by day condition reports from Killington regulars, visit the chatter forum at

If K gets a very warm day with precipitation, k-zone is the place to go for realistic damage reports the next day.
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recent update:  on May 3 Killington will switch to a Friday - Sunday only operating schedule.

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Great reply! Thanks!


Might be able to get up there the weekend of April 24. Do they keep more of the mountain open that weekend, if there's snow? I guess I am asking if there is some internal Killington rule that on the weekend of XXX, they close the mountain and just keep Superstar open.

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The current plan is now posted here:


The planned contraction to the Superstar Quad occurs April 20.  If weather and day ticket / food and beverage sales stay good, they might run k1 gondola/snowdon quad/north ridge triple another weekend after that ... or not.

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