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Stability ball questions for LM

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LM, I'd like to get a stability ball to start working on dynamic stretching & conditioning. Here are my questions --

1) How does one go about choosing the proper size? I'm not blessed with an industrial loft for an apartment. If possible, I'd like to get just one ball that has universal applicability. Is there such a thing, and if so, how do I choose the proper size?

2) What's a good source for stability ball-related exercises generally?

3) What's a good source for skiing-related stability ball exercises?

4) Are there any stability ball exercises designed to benefit mountain bike riders?

big thank-you in advance!
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First check out the free exercises at http://www.sissel-online.com

Here are some other good ones:
I have an interesting, more ski specific version of the last exercise, the abdominal stabilizer. Place the ball on an incline bench. From a standing position, roll the ball up the bench. Its really cool to try this while standing on a dyna disc.

The kneeling series on the ball are great for both skiers and bikers. I will confess that they freak me out a bit, but you may be able to do them. Check them out:

Remember, standing on the ball is not a sports specific exercise, but a "stupid human trick"!
This should do for a start.
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double post! sorry!

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Level 7-8 are fun. But for level 7 you should move from side to side, back and forth to the edge of balance. It is much easier than it seems.

I tried Level 12 and it is nearly impossible. I did it near objects that I can easily reach out for and hold on to so I don't kill myself. The firmness of the ball and the ground makes a HUGE difference. On hard floors with firm ball I cannot do it at all.
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No level 12! Standing on the ball is a no no!
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Everyone says it is too dangerous, but I admit I like to stand on the ball.

I do it at my health club in the corner where there are railings to my left and right. It is maybe a 2.5 ft diameter ball, like the one in the pictures.

Usually I will not stand, but squat as if I am in a tuck while skiing. This really works my quads and calfs, especially if you work up and down in a squating motion. It probably looks really dumb but it is no stupid human trick.

I have seen and heard that the US ski team uses this as an off season balance exercise.
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Keep in mind that a few of the top pros in the industry have actually torn their ACLs performing this exercise. For this reason, many people are using the Bosu, instead.
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LM - can you check out this site - but you may need to get DB to translate it...

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I just got the Aerostep XL (and video and book - all in German of course)- and love it! I plan to take the DTB B.Co instructor certification course in the winter - I think I will be able to use alot of it in my ski fitness course next year. Anyone using the Aerostep? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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