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Helldorado vs. Shiro?

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I have had the Shiro in my quiver for three seasons.  I sort of like the ski, atleast the front half. I wish it had a flatter tail.  I like the 193 length and the sidecut.  I carves(wait that's another thread) and pivots well. So I'm thinking of moving on to something else.  The Helldorado is one I'm considering. How different would it feel from the Shiro?  Is the camber underfoot enough to make it feel less like rocking for and aft?  I know there is a metal layer so better crud busting?  Other skis I am considering are the Blizzard Spur and K2 Annex 118, this years all black version(the tips on those are badass looking)  

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Have you read this ?


Google both skis for reviews and read.

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Thanks for that link.  The Blistergear review makes me think about not going to the helldorado.

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I haven't skied the Shiro, so can't say, but I did like the Patron enough to buy a pair of Helldorados too. IMHO they just destroy crud, and FWIW, I thought they were much better in crud than the Katana which I also own (and which Blister says is their reference crud ski).

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It's good to get a wide range of opinions if you can't demo -- and face it, it has been a tough year to demo pow skis and there are KILLER deals out there right now on them -- but I really disagree with Blister's review of the Patron/Helldo.


Perhaps they just ski much faster than I do.  I have slowed a bit over the last 5 years -- curse you, knees -- but I wouldn't say I ski slowly.  I've never felt the characteristic that they refer to as "folding".


The Annex 118 has gotten some great press, and I have a friend that loves them, but I haven't been on them.

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Originally Posted by Mikep View Post

Thanks for that link.  The Blistergear review makes me think about not going to the helldorado.

Google the ski you think you want, read the reviews. That's what I did before I bought my Shiro's.

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I have not skied the Helldo, but have skied the Shiro a ton and also owned the Patron.


First, if you want a flatter tail, this year's model has a slighly flatter tail.  I've looked at them side by side and it isn't a huge difference, but it's visually noticeable.


I personally think the Shiro is one of the best skis around.  I also enjoy skiing it on anything short of ice, it's super fun on groomers.  I'd say for that reason it's one of the more people powder skis you see around the east coast.  The ELP rocker matched with the sidecut radius really works.  Great carving and limited tip flat.


When I purchased the Patron I had very high hopes but literally skied them only a few runs.  To me they felt unstable, the flex was not consistent from the tip to the tail and in between and the mounting point (even on the back line) felt centered and unnatural to me.  A ton of tail...  It do not feel stable at all from a fore-aft perspective (which is your complaint with the Shiro)  The Shiro is fully rocked in the tip and tail, but because its gradual and consistent it feels more stable to me than the abrupt change from camber to significant tip and tail rocker in the Nordica.


For a better Helldorado type ski, I'd check out the Bibby Pro.  Or, stick with the Shiro!!!

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May be you should check out the K2 Annex 118 it got picked for widest ski Gear of the Year award in Ski Magazine. I noticed looking through old Ski Magazines the the Shiro got that award.

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