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This is a report from my trip to Stubai, Austria with my son.


My kids follow me on some of my trips. Not only to enjoy the great skiing, but also to learn about culture. For instance, where else would my sons learn about der Sauna, except by going to the Freizeitcentrum im Stubai, Austria?

And clearly, we had been doing it all wrong before. As der Sauna Inspektor pointed out, wir müssen have a towel under not just our butt, but also our feet. And the water bucket was quickly taken away from us, when we tried to throw water to the heater. And then there was the matter of mixed public saunas with mandatory nakedness... clearly, cultural education for all of us.


But of course, there was far more than the sauna experience on our trip. Glaciers... ice tunnels... off-piste runs... fried calf heads... the usual stuff.



I had been to Austria many times, but not skiing near Innsbruck before. I had always thought of the area as small, insignificant ski slopes. Not real mountains. For instance, as we toured the different slopes we found ourselves at the bottom of the slopes at Patschkofelkugelglömderglichtbahnen. (Or some name roughly like that, I've lost track of the consonants after the first five.) In any case, we were depressed, as the morning weather was bleak. Rainy, foggy. And the ski hill looked like a children's practice area.

But we went anyway. A few minutes later the chairlift had taken us through the clouds, and we were standing on top of a 1100 vertical meter ski run in bright sunshine. A ski run where they had held the olympics. Twice. Talk about false first impressions. While this particular ski hill was still smaller than the other ones that we visited, it stands in my mind as the nicest experience of our time in Innsbruck and Stubai valley. Partly because the hill was almost empty. But mostly because that one open ski run - the one with 1100 meters of vertical - was completely on solid, steep ice.


But we spent most of our time in the Stubaier Gletscher, a ski area high up on the glacier. The three days we spent here was not enough to explore everything, but I want to note two of the most interesting features:

Wilde Grub'n - a 10 km ski route. This route was the best way to return to the valley. And the only way at the early season time, other than with the lifts. But what a way! You can start your descent from 3210 meters and finish at 1750 meters in the Wilde Grub'n restaurant and afterski spot. On the way the route will provide untracked snow after a snowfall, and has some nice steep sections.

Eisgrotte - an ice cave near the top station of the Eisgrat cabin lift. I had never been under ice, and the solid, see-through deep inside the glacier was a big experience.


Here is the full report: and the video: 



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Wow, how did I miss this TR? 

Thanks for sharing. 

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Nice pics and TR jariarkko.  I skied Stubai back in '86+-.  It was fantastic!

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This is too cool. Interesting, first look at Stubai, they have summer skiing their too perhaps? Surprised I did'nt catch a glimpse of this earlier. Great ride and funny too.

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I looked at their website and do not see summer skiing.

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Ah ok, then it is Hintertux only ok

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Hintertux only for Austria for summer skiing.  I think Stubia will close in the end of May.  Skied Hintertux in August 2012 - had a great day as they ski from the top down to about 2,500m or so.   Then went swimming at the end of the day in the pool at the bottom of the mountain.  Crazy.

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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

I looked at their website and do not see summer skiing.

Says "Snow guarantee from October to June". I guess it was June when we were up there thirty years ago.
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My wife and I skied Stubai in July about 20 years ago, but I think they discontinued summer skiing.


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Yeah, for sure Stubai is closed in the summer for skiing.  I think they will probably close in early June, even though they have plenty of snow to go longer.  Head to Hintertux Glacier, the go 365.  

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