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How to find back country skis for bigger guy.

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I am 6"4" about 250# I have been skiing the northern Adirondack woods for a few years working my way up to some Alpina Back Country skis with parallel sides and NNN BC bindings. Much better then my older skis but... The down hills are holding me back. If there are many turns I can't stay on the path and avoid the trees. I was thinking shorter and wider shaped skis but the recommended weights I have  seen were all about 180# and up. 250# is a long way up from 180#.


I want to buy what is right for me not the closest thing they happen to have in the store!

Any suggestions?


BTW I don't think too wide is an issue I can away's go with my current skis for well tracked flat land.

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You guy's sure got the snow this year. I'm jealous.


Shorter and waxless would be easier to turn and slower with less glide so you might  "go off the trail" less often. I've skied a lot of trails in the Adirondaks. Some were powder, some were ice and sometimes just getting down without falling down was skiing well.  Do you know how to step turn, christie or pole drag when required?

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Yea we did good with snow.


I am sure I could do better with my turning technique but I think I have the idea. Except pole dragging which sounds a lot like getting caught in the brush.


We tried some lessons at a local XC area but did't get much out of it. That was a couple generations of skis ago, maybe with better equipment they could teach us more?

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Check out the Voile Vector BC and Charger BC and send an email to the guys at Voile.  I've emailed them and I've gotten a good timely reply.  I weigh 230 and have the 180 Vector BCs but have only skied them one day on groomed XC trails (quite hilly and some steep); they are easily turned.  If the weather allows I'm going to try to take them to the alpine tomorrow.


Don't be terribly afraid of the the shorter length in mid-fat and fat skis.  I ski a 182 in my Dynafit  Cho Oyus and they are fine in all kinds of snow.  I also have 182 Dynafit Stokes and 184 Volkl Snowwolfs and Volkl Nanuqs.  I'm thinking about buying Dynafit Denalis for deep snows in 176.  I skied 178 Dynafit 7-Summits in firm to shallow soft snows with no problems.


I haven't had experience with the fat Rossi XC/BC skis so can't comment on those.  I skied the Karhu Guide/Madshus annum in 190 or so and had lots of fun but the longer narrower skis aren't as much fun downhill in softer deeper snow.

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Your stated goal is to "stay in the path and avoid the trees" If you spend a lot time in your tours with steeper narrow hiking trails into gullies

and rolling longish meadows/roads/snomo trails of the ADK's the Guide or equivalent would be my choice. I used Fischer Boundless (98-69-88) for that and still play with them here in the Cascades. If I had access to a lot of steeper open places to ski I'd go with the wider Voiles.


FWIW - The Pole Drag. I've helped a few raw beginners get down icy narrow paths using the "between the skis" method. Easier and less effort that sliding on your butt. I think that is Sonny Bono (r.i.p.) in the picture. :)


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