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masai walking shoes

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Just saw on CNN News that there is a shoe meant to ease backpain/knee problems. It is based on the Masai barefoot walking style while carrying loads on their heads. Anyone have opinions?

Swiss Masai Company
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If it is based on a barefoot walking style... why do you need a shoe to imitate it?

If you balance anything on your head while walking it is bound to change your gait. You can't slouch while doing it.

When I was a kid, the girls used to stack a few books on our heads and walk around - this was to encourage good posture and to see who could keep the balance the longest. We also would recite silly poems like "The ants in France are in your pants" when you dropped the books.

Of course you would have to try the shoes on first to see how they felt before making a final judgement on their usefulness. I think the tried and true telephone and textbooks method would come close to understanding what's different about their walking style and posture.
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