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Stone grind now or next season

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I am done for the season and the skis will need a stone grind to flatten the bases. In addition the last time I sharpened the base edges I was also removing some base material so I need the grind for that reason also. Does it make more sense to do it now or at the beginning of next season?

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Might as well do it now, but make sure they know it's for next season so you don't get a warm weather grind.

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Now.  Wax them once each month until they hit the snow again. 

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Wax them in Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov? You are kidding right? Who does that?
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Originally Posted by Rich666 View Post

Wax them in Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov? You are kidding right? Who does that?

Ski gods....not any of us mortals. But if you can, after the summer wax is put on or a good all temp graphic wax, lay them base up in the car on a hot summer day, let the car be a hot box. Put a old towel or newspaper under them just in case.

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I usually wax, with hot scraping and base layers, about six times at season start up prior to first day's wax. But then, I skip the summer wax as I really don't need it for where they are stored. I start about six weeks before the season and just do a little each day.
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Not that it matters, but for the most part, I do a 'put away' tune including a coat of wax which may or may not get scraped... I have good indoor dry storage. When the following season rolls around, we're ready to roll with (or sell) the old, and time can be spent prepping the new.

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Do it now. Everyone will be getting ski work done at the beginning of next season and you'll wait weeks. And leave your base edges alone. Have them set once when you have the base grind and then sharpen the side edges only. The only reason to touch the base edges--very lightly--is if there are burrs. 

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I can vouch for getting it done before October. I was stunned how many other eager skiers were ahead of me. Don't expect to need to do that again now that I have my base flattener/structure tool. I feel like I spend too much time fixing tunes anyway.
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