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What skis to buy?

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I'm used to skiing mogul skis and I wanna get a new set of skis but narrow skis are now becoming very hard to find! Any recommendations for the narrowest possible that's great for those short turn carving and some long turn carving, not interested in moguls as the knee won't allow it but still like the short quick turns! Tried a pair of Rossignol Pursuit 16 TI but didn't like how they reacted in the lightest snow pack on the hill! Suggestions please,
Maybe twin tips with a less aggressive change in width from waist to tip/tail.
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Atomic, Rossi, Nordica, Blizzard, Volkl and probably a couple of others all make SL race skis.  If you want a short turn radius and narrow, that's what you need to consider.

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Will any of the fatter skis give me the same feel with a more gradual progression from waist to tip/tail? All the shops around me only supply wider skis! I'd need to shop online which is OK just curious if I can get close to the same feeling with a non mogul ski?
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I guess it might depend on your definition of short quick turns.  My carving skis are 168 Nordica Fire Arrow 84EDT, turn radius is 17m but they can be lightning quick.  The Fire Arrow 74 has a 14m turn radius at that length.  Head has some new skis for next season, the Instinct series, that I demoed at Copper Mountain and they are pretty impressive; lightweight, very responsive, quick and good edge grip.  I particularly liked the Strong Instinct Ti and am buying a pair next fall.  It's 83mm and has a 14.2m radius at 170cm.  It was a very fun ski.  They had two models, different construction, that were 74mm and a 13.0m radius.  These won't be available until next season.

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Thanks! Reviews like that help
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google those skis and read reviews. is a good place to find skis.


Great customer service too, give them a call and see what they say.


 Not sure where you ski but they at out of Stowe VT.

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