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Brief Rose Demo Day Impressions

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Some very brief impressions from last weekend.


Conditions: Firm and soft groomers, soft and hard bumps depending on aspect, corn, slush at various times during the day.


Skier info: 200 lbs, directional, more finesse than power, proficient all mountain skier.



Head Monster 88 -184

VERY damp, heavy. Good high speed stability, short and medium turns very manageable.

I liked this ski, but it felt kind of dead to me. Maybe too much metal, too damp. Not quite as playful as I hoped. Not quite sure what they were going for in this ski. Felt wider than 88.


Blizzard Brahma - 187

I loved this ski, my favorite for the day. Just seems to do everything well. For the amount of tip rise, the edge grip was quite remarkable. Carved well, skied icy bumps really well, firm groomers and crud no problem. I suspect when the edges get worn, the grip will start to go, as with any ski. Felt more playful and energetic than the Head Monster 88 with surprised me, given their similar construction and specs. This may be the perfect "new Tahoe" ski.


Nordica Enforcer - 185?

This ski did everything well, carved pretty remarkable for 100mm under foot. Very maneuverable in the trees, good stability at speed. Manageable in the bumps. Pretty well filled the role of playful charger. Nice even flex.


Moment Belafonte - 186

Not my first time on this ski, but reaffirmed my previous impressions. This ski is pretty stiff tip to tail, yet still very manageable in (at least in this size). Similar to the Enforcer in all around performance. Carved remarkably well for 108 underfoot. I tend to like stiffer skis in shorter lengths (for me). I was mounted on the line, and would probably mount these -1.5. The tails are fairly long on the line, but they did not seem to catch in bumps and firmer crud. Very impressive overall, worst part was the graphic. May replace my Legend PR105s.


Line Supernatural 108 - 186

This ski was easily the most disappointing for me of the day. It felt like a plank, dead and lifeless. I had read it was considered a playful charger, but I couldn't disagree more on the playful part. It just felt like a 2x4, unresponsive, and lacking energy. On top of all that, the tips and tails were grabby, could have been the tune was bad, or needed detuning. No Bueno.

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I weigh a bit less than you but similar skier type and I loved the brahma in that size too.  conditions were similar too at the  ALTA demo day last spring. I have not been on the other skis. 

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