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Every once in awhile, I get here, burned out and in need of a break from the gym stuff. No motivation, I'm tired, losing weight and not hungry. NOW I know the best thing is to chill for four or five days, the spell passes, and I am fresh when I get back into the routine.

Lisamarie (especially), how do you avoid burnout? Or deal with it. Are you able to keep things from getting stale?
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I try to totally change my workout around. Either do a different type of cardio, change the muscle group pairs for specific days, or change the nature of the workout. have some days for sport specific, and some days for the "beach muscles!" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've been trying the fit for life workouts in outside magazine. Its a 5 month program-each month is different. The changes keep it intersting. When you finish the 5 months, you start over again.
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