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evaino's 30 Day Core Challenge

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Many of you who post in this forum are familiar with @evaino who is a fitness coach and principal of Custom Strength, located in Ottawa. I've always valued Elsbeth's advice, she is a voice worth listening to. I recently finished her 8 week on-line "Get Lean" program that consisted of a new behavioral modification each week, designed to both eat better and exercise on a regular basis. Each day, the participants document, on-line, their progress on behavior modifications. At program's end, I weighed 15 lbs less,  but, more important I continue to make better decisions about what I eat. I do need to improve my exercise related activities now that skis season is ending.


On April 1, Elsbeth is offering a 30 day Core Challenge where the participants perform a series of 5 exercises each day to tighten our core muscles. You can find additional info about it, via Facebook, by liking Custom Strength, or, visit her website


I want to publicly acknowledge and thank Elsbeth for taking the time to create these programs, which are free! You rock!  


I signed up, anybody else interested?

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Thanks for the shout out, and that's so awesome that you did so well with the Get Lean program! Well done! 


We're actually running the Get Lean program again starting April 6th. And as noted, both the Get Lean and the 30 day Core challenge programs are free. The only string attached is that I'll add your email address to my monthly(ish) exercise and nutrition newsletter. 


If you're interested in one or both, here are the sign up forms:

30 Day Core Challenge:


8 week Get Lean Challenge:

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Ok, I signed up for the Core Challenge.  I usually hate doing core exercises, but I know how crucial they are.  Maybe this will give me a little more motivation.

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I hope you enjoy it. Or benefit from it. Or ideally both. :) 


Deadline was noon today, but I'll let people join as late as 9pm (eastern) this eve.


I also joined - let's see if I can stick with it for the full month! It's interesting how tricky it can be to stick to something daily, even if it's only a minimal daily commitment. 

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