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Recently Started Skiing - Looking to update my gear (Midwest Skiing)

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I've recently started skiing more now that the kids are old enough to enjoy it.  We just returned from a week at Luten, MN (North shore of Lake Superior), and I'm looking to update my gear.


I currently ski on Dynastar Coupe X8, 189m skis, and some old rear-entry boots (that I hate), however for this trip, I rented as I wanted to try some newer shape skis.  Honestly, I didn't love them...I felt they didn't really 'stick' like I wanted them to, and generally we're 'squirelly' at higher speeds where as my Dynastar's generally go and do exactly what I want them to.  (The rental's were some Atomic brand, that I've forgotten.)


They gave me pretty short ones despite my objections and desire for longer ones...I think they under estimated my abilities and rented me skis that were too short.


Anyway, we generally only ski on groomed runs, Lutsen, Afton Alps, Mt. Kato, Welch Village, etc, and even if we head to CO, we'd still be on groomed trails.


I'm 45, 6'2" with a size 11 Boot & 240 lbs...I could pick up a NOS Dynastar Max 6 @192cm, Dynastar Max L @180cm, Agyl 6 @178cm, or Dynastar 6th Sense Serial's, all new, unused and for buying a buddy a round or two at the bar.  (He liquidated an old ski shop and has some left I can pick 1 set from.)


I simply want a good cruiser...I'm not going to be going down moguls (unless my daughter get's to that level), and for the most part will be just doing some nice wider turns to enjoy the time with the family while it lasts.


Any feedback is much appreciated...



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I see quite a few of those models on ebay as well, and maybe it doesn't really matter that much based on my desired skiing style?  (ie...trying to have fun and an 'easy ride' down the slopes..)

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Welcome to EpicSki and back to skiing.  I've skied all those places you mention wile living in Minneapolis.  Lutsen is the only place where I've ever skied in the rain.  Ugh.  Anyway, since you hate them anyway, get new boots first before anything else.  Pierce Skate and Ski has a good reputation for fitting people properly.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology.  Then call Pierce and make an appointment to see their most experienced fitter.  Once you have modern boots that fit your feet demo a few skis.  I think part of the problem you experienced was caused by your boots.  Today's skis don't really play well with boots that have a lot of forward lean, which your old boots may well have.  There are lots of skis that will suit you and they can often be found at very good prices, so don't rush into it.

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Yes, we skied in the rain at Lutsen 2 weeks ago as well!  (It was a very light drizzle...)


I'm in Des Moines now, but I will see if I can get there when I stop by my brother's house in the TC's a few weeks.


I'm a bit pressed for time on the skis b/c my buddy is 'tired of dealing with them' which means I have to pick a set quickly b/c if I know him, they'll be at Play It Again Sports or Goodwill in about 2 weeks...which is why he's letting me pick a set first.


The boots, since I'll buy new, I can take my time on...but free NOS skis?  Sure! 


(Hopefully that makes sense.)  He also tends to rescind offers like this if you don't act quickly... 

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Just looked up these skis -- other than the twin tip Sixth Sense, they all seem to be targeted to low intermediates and are 8-10 years old.  I'm a Dynastar fan -- I skied the SkiCross 66s for ten years up until a year ago. Based on your skiing description and age, I see nothing that would cause me to go for the Sixth Senses (and the top sheets seem to be targeted to a pretty young demographic).


As to the others, I would go with the model whose top sheets appeal most to you.  I think the skis themselves are pretty comparable, and if your skiing improves you'll be looking to upgrade to a stiffer, more advanced ski in a few years no matter which one you select.  Good luck!

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Thanks, I truly appreciate the feedback.


I appear to have a couple more options in a Speed Course 66, which looks to be a pure racer and a used, but very good condition 4800...

I could just stick with my Coupe X8's too...


Otherwise, I'll probably pick the 6th Sense Serials...they're the newest I believe.


I think a set of K2 Comanche 4Com's are too short at only 174cm...

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I probably should mention that before kids, I'd skied Aspen, Snowmass, Sunlight in Glenwood Springs a lot.  Moguls, Blacks, etc... I used to really get after it...now its about skiing with my kids...


But, I can't really go wrong for the price either...

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I ended up getting the Dynastar 6th Sense Serial's ... they were the newest ski and quite a few reviewers said they were a capable all-mountain ski, so I picked them up.  I'll be shopping for boots and bindings next!


I appreciated everyone's feedback!

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