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My 9-yr old daughter and I spent 3 days skiing at Sun Peaks towards the tail end of her spring break. I hadn't been there since 2001 so it was interesting for me to see all the changes there. On day one we decided to follow the mountain hosts who provide free tours. We were with an intermediate/advanced group that took us on mostly blues with a few black runs on the Mt Todd / Sundance Mountain area. After two hours and 11 runs we had a good idea of where to go. The top of the Crystal Chair had the best snow conditions in the bowl as well as the Spillway run had the best snow conditions. However the bowl (and Blue Line run) was extremely foggy and sometimes windy.  As you head down the hill it got warmer and wetter. I definitely needed wax by the end of the day. 


Day 2 we explored Morrisey - a place I'd never been to. On day two the rains were falling and the snow was extremely wet and sticky. We met up with some friends who hadn't waxed their skis beforehand and they had troubles. The runs were very flat on Morrisey for the blue runs. The black runs were mostly closed due to snow conditions (what a horrible snow year it's been here in the west!). I wouldn't recommend the Morrisey blues unless you have beginner/intermediates in your group looking for a safe snowy run. It's kinda fun to flow thru the trees but after a while, you get tired of skating on the flat sections. For snowboarders in our group it was torturous. If you're familiar with the runs perhaps you'll know where to speed up and just go. But we were all first-timers. 


The rest of our trip was spent at the tops of Crystal and Sundance with our favourite run being Spillway which had the most consistent conditions of being sheltered from the wind, having less dense fog, and having soft fluffy snow until the point where it hits the green run. On day 3 the fog lifted enough for us to enjoy the moguls at the bottom of the blue run (which had a nice layer of soft powdery snow) and the relatively untouched snow at the Crystal Bowl.  


The bottoms were definitely in the middle of spring skiing with a rivers forming in front of the day lodge. But overall we had a blast. Our first real skiing this winter. Thank you Sun Peaks. Hope to see you again during a good snow season.