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First time at Blue Mountain.  I went on Wednesday 2015 MAR 25 and I had a very good experience.  There were a variety of trails for me to ski down and I thought the snow on the trails was good. 


Weather:  Mid-20s in morning with sun.  Rose to upper 30s lower 40s by noon.  Clouds rolled in and it started raining lightly about 1pm.  Rain was on/off the rest of the afternoon.


Crowds:  Light for most of the day.  I often found myself alone on the slopes or with 1-2 other skiers/snowboarders. 


Lift lines: Less than 1 minute wait at the two operating lifts (Challenger Express [CE], Vista Chair [VC])


Open Trails: All open except for snow tubing park and two training slopes


Snow conditions:  Very good in morning and somewhat soft.  Felt slushy/heavy at spots towards noon and especially after it started to rain.  Very little ice on the trails.  Ice was primarily in the spots were the snow was either scraped away or worn down by traffic.  If there were many skiers/snowboarders, this could have been a bigger problem.


I arrived about 8:20 and passed the summit lodge for the base lodge only to discover that the base lodge was closed.  I needed to go back up to the main lodge at the summit. (I wish this was clearly indicated on the website.  I am not sure if Blue Mt. even states on their website that the only the Main Summit Lodge would be open.)


The parking lot was large and had many pot holes, especially in the non-paved areas of the parking lot.  Parking was easy since not many people had parked.  I grabbed a spot near the entrance.


The main lodge looked nice.  The facilities were clean and the locker area for personal belongings was large.

The rental facility was efficient and the staff were helpful.  I liked the RFID cards for ski passes.  They worked well on the lifts.


I rented 170cm Elan Exar skis (71mm waist) and 115cm poles.  I was using my own boots (Solomon X 90) and helmet (Giro Montane


I skied on the green trails primarily.  The VC was slow.  The seats were cold when it was raining.  The high speed CE was more comfortable (even when wet) and much faster than the VC.


The green runs have good length and were fun to ski.

Easy Out, Vista, and Pioneer Pass started out very good in the morning.  As the day progressed, I could see/feel Vista getting worse, especially at the areas near the lodge and where the Connector trail emptied on to Vista.


Paradise and Burma Road were wide and had easy to make turns.  As the day progressed snow in the turn areas required extra care.  I had to be careful with my turns.  It was not easy for me to move/turn my skis in the snow where the trail turned.


On CE I asked another skier about the blue trails and which might be good for me to try.  She suggested Lazy Mile and I am thankful for her suggestion.  It was a nice run with only one somewhat steep, but short drop.  The trail was wide and the snow was good for making turns.  I tried Dreamweaver and Switchback.  I enjoyed both runs although Dreamweaver required more work and care on my part.  (I only skied Dreamweaver once).  The snow on these blue runs was very good.  I think Switchback was the best trail of the intermediate trails.


To get to the blue trails I needed to use Tut's Lane (a blue trail) from the CE.  Tut's Lane was nice and wide with a intermediate level slope that was easy to pick up speed.  Tut's Lane is also needed to get back to the summit lodge via the Connector.


The Connector was a bit tricky since the trail crossed over several other trails.  I needed to look up slope to make sure my path was clear and it was safe to cross.


The skiing was good, since the snow was relatively soft and there were very few icy spots to cause me concern.  The trail variety was nice and even though I did not ski the black ♦ or black♦♦ trails, I think Blue Mountain had good conditions for skiing.

The softness and heaviness of the snow sometimes made it harder for me to move my skis through the snow and turns.  My skis would sometimes not move through the snow as I expected.


While I did not like the rain (it started at 1pm) much, it was not as bad as I thought it would be for me.  My helmet, pants and jacket were water resistant enough that I did not get wet.  My goggles kept the rain from my eyes and shielded my face from the cold.  My only weak link was in my gloves.  I was wearing liners and they were not water proof. My hand became cold at times and I considered packing it in for the day.  My feet also felt cold once or twice, but I think the silk socks did their job and helped to keep my feet warm.


I skied in on/off light rain until 3pm.  The trails were getting noticeably more slushy/difficult to move through for me.  My hands finally were getting too cold for me as well.


In the lodge, when I removed my gloves, my hands were reddish-blue in color from the cold. Next time I make sure I carry water proof (or at least water resistant) gloves with me on the slopes to use as needed.


Fortunately I had with me an extra coat and pants to wear since my jacket and ski pants were dripping wet.


I was not sure about skiing at Blue Mountain, since I read some negative reports by some people.  I am glad I went.  I think that Blue Mountain was worth the trip.  (I may feel differently if I was skiing when the slopes are crowded, but it was fun for me this Wednesday)