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Need some race ski sizing advice

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My son is a very competitive racer that just completed his 2nd u12 season. Top 10 in NY. Skis 3 days and 2 nights per week in a top program. He weights 96 lbs now but gained 8 lbs since fall so I think he is close to having his growth spurt. He turns 12 in May

It dawned on me that I need to order him new GS skis now based on the ussa u14 guidelines of min 17m radius to ski on at Hood this summer so he can get used to the longer skis.

Looking at a 158cm 18m GS ski. The longer ones all look to be designed for u16s which I'm afraid will be too stiff. His GS ski this yr was 144 cm at 14m. Should I buy 1 or two pair of the 158 cm?

For his SL ski he skied on a 137 cm 10.4 m. Thinking of getting a second pair of same skis

Does it make sense to buy a like 180 u16 GS ski to use as a super G ski which he could later use as a GS ski in the future as a slip / training ski.

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   Before buying several new pair of boards I'd check with his coach. If the coach has been around quite awhile he'll know what works best. I tend to be opposed to multiple pairs of the same ski, is he wearing them out that fast? Some guys do bust SL skis like crazy but I tend to think thats not the norm. Skiing more on the same pair of skis I feel just gets you used to them more, I see kids at our area skiing and inspecting on twin tips then snapping into their race skis just before their run, thats a mistake I think, ski your race skis more and your times will improve faster than saving your wax.

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Sounds a little short to me, considering what you say and comparing to what U12 and U14 kids race on over here.

My daughter is finishing up her first U14-year. Also around 96 (-98) lbs and 151-152 cm. She skied 165 cm r18m in GS and 146 cm in SL. The SL could have been a little shorter, but GS was fine. Might move to 170 cm r19 next season for 2nd year U14 class.

Skied 186 in SG r28m and that was good too.

Re: SG. Remember that a 180ish JR SG ski is designed for U12-U14 and will have the appropriate flex (and also the the right radius for a SG course -- assuming USSA and FIS rules are the same). A GS ski in the same length might work, I have seen parents put their 12-year old kids on it, but they'll have a too short radius for a properly set U14 SG-course and be too stiff (designed for adultish bodies). Not as good. Try to see if you can find a second hand SG set if you don't want to spend. I bought a 6-7 year old ski and it has worked out great -- JR SG skis gets very little milage in these classes. My daughter only skied them two days and did two races on them this season. Good luck.

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