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6 Month Update:


I just wanted to update this in case anyone in the future someone in a similar situation stumbles upon the thread. I have been living in Basalt for a about 4 months now and in the valley for 6. So far it is going well, I have to say that I am really missing Tahoe. It's strange, but I seem to miss something about the mountains, the vegetation, and of course the lake that I would enjoy on my commute daily. That being said, I feel like I made the right decision. Aspen is a very cool town. The schools, food, and nightlife are much better. Not to mention my wife and I both are getting paid significantly more. The last thing to determine is how the skiing compares. Obviously it hasn't snowed in Tahoe for 4 years, but those handful of days a year were spectacular. Alpine Meadows will always have a very special place in my heart. Will the Roaring Fork Valley be my home forever? Probably not. I think I would like to head back to Tahoe when the time is right, but for now, I'm glad we took the plunge. Thanks for the incredible helpful advice everyone.


Make sure you stop by the Gathering and say hello!  Or better yet, ski with us.

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Drop me a PM sometime after the lifts spin. I can introduce you to a lot of rippin skiers.

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Make sure you stop by the Gathering and say hello!  Or better yet, ski with us.

Gathering? Tell me more please....

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This year's Gathering is Feb 3-9, 2016, in Aspen (Ajax/Highlands/Snowmass).

The announcement thread starts here:

It contains the main discussion.  The first post includes a "what is a Gathering" paragraph.


and the Roll-Call thread starts here:

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