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4day trip to Vail

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So I'm heading to vail on April 4 and staying for four days. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions as how to split up the days between the resorts. I was thinking of doing keystone, breck, vail, and beaver with one on each day, but lately I have been thinking that it isn't necessary and maybe I should just stay at vail and maybe visit one other resort. I am open to most types of terrain, as long as it isn't ridiculous.(can do some of the easier double blacks at whistler) Moguls, steeps, bowls-anything is fine except trees and cliffs. I also have scheduled a lesson in Vail.

So, which resorts do you recommend I go to?


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Unless you find the snow conditions at Vail poor, I'd stay there with maybe a day trip to BC which is close by. There is plenty of skiing at Vail for 3/4 days.
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I spent 3 days at Vail skiing almost bell to bell and didn't feel I had enough time... I didn't have any issues with running out of skiing or getting bored (though it was all VERY new to me compared to the mid-Atlantic). We thought about going to BC one day before we got there, but pretty quickly ruled that out.


I'm not sure if everything stays open so late in the year, but they have gotten some decent snow lately.

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I always found Breckenridge to be appealing, but that's just from a quick glance at trail maps and pictures. I always liked the open vastness of snow type of mountain, like breck or vail's backbowls. Is there anything at any of the resorts that I can't get at vail? At a glance BC doesn't look that special, but I wouldn't really know without experience :/

Thanks for all the replies so far

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I see where your home mountain is Snowshoe which I know well. If you haven't skied out west they are all going to be "special" by comparison.
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I've only been out west twice, Whistler Blackcomb last year and Jackson Hole the year before that. I couldn't enjoy those trips to the fullest since I wasn't familiar at skiing deep snow. Anyways, I guess I should have phrased my question better. I meant to ask, is there anything at any of the other 3 resorts that I can't get at vail? If vail has everything Beaver Creek has, then I don't see any reason to go to Beaver creek. It's just that I saw that Breck had really nice scenery, multiple large peaks, and a vast expanse of snow. 

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Stick with Vail if you are staying their, BC doesn't have nearly as much variety but does hand out warm cookies at end of day.  Now the latest forecast says Northern Rockies will be getting the April snow so if it dumps up in Steamboat you may want to hop in the car and head north. BTW, do you have the right tool for deep snow.  If it dumps, try renting something 120+ mm underfoot so you can ski the pow like a hero.

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Heh....All I got is a pair of 80 mm Head skis at 156 cm so I will probably end up renting a pair of wider skis for deeper snow. I'm definitely only going to the four vail resorts, nothing more.

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