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A Present for Dyna Disc users

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Also checkout http://www.dyna-disc.com for some simple exercise descriptions

and some video exercises at

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Nice review fo exercises on the disk.

I like to also do leg lunges with the disk under my back foot. An interesting twist, regaining balance after moving backward!
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Excellent, since many people have trouble keeping the back leg in alignment on a lunge.

A trick, if this is an issue for anyone: Before going into the lunge, draw the 2 "sits bones" the 2 bones in your glutes, together. This will keep the back leg from wobbling. On the extension phase, encage your pelvic floor, as if a hammock is being drawn up.
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I've posted so many of these links that show the actual exercises, that I sometimes forget about them! Many of the exercises shown heare can be done on the Bosu, or wobble board. The same with many of the exercises on the wobble board, from this thread.

AS far as Bosu goes, some exercises work better with flat side down,and vice versa.

One of my faves for all of them is to go down into a squat, hold the position, and shift your weight subtlely from fore/aft alignment, then laterally.

Have fun!
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