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Big + All mountain ski

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I am looking into getting new skis. I want a ski that is around the 90mm area, that has strong piste capabilities but will be able to ski some big mountain lines. I live in australia, so these are obviously no going to be amazing lines, but still somewhat steep.


I am 16, 170cm tall, and around 70kg.


I am currently looking at maybe the blizzard brahma and bonafides. Any other suggestions? And do you think these are suitable?



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Where are these big mountain lines in Oz that you speak of?
Seriously though, you will need to provide a lot more info about yourself to get any sort of reasonable answer. What's your local shop Reccomend?.
Your'e a little bloke and at your age probably got some growing ahead of you. Be realistic about your needs and ability before dropping big bucks on the latest gear.

Ps welcome
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