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Where to find super-cheap ski condo?

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Hi everyone, 


This might sound like an utterly ridiculous request, but here it goes... 


Are there any condos near 1600'+ vertical ski areas that cost under $50,000? Said ski areas need to not be in danger of closing. Open to anywhere in North America. I've found a few near the Quebec hills that cost just under 60K, but would like to see if there's anywhere even more affordable. 


Basically any 300+ sqft box with plumbing that's not a trailer or on leased land would be good. 

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Not here. Only timeshares.

I looked, can't even find a trailer for that.

In the mid-$80's, you can find a handful within 45 minutes of the ski area. Not dumps.
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SLC and Ogden suburbs.

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Condo in the Carson Valley about 25 minutes (max) to the Stagecoach lift on the Nevada side of Heavenly. Almost 4x the required sg at 1150sf and asking price is 75K but I  know you could get it for less.  Could probably rent it out for 6 months each year when not skiing.  About 45 minutes to Kirkwood.

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A one-bedroom at Mountain Green which is right at the base of Killington is under $60k.  One reason is that monthly fees are high.  One bedrooms in Whiffletree are just slightly more expensive, and lots of choices for under $100k.



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Good point about the condo fees - they can make a $100k condo more expensive in the long run than a $150k condo.


There's an association near where I ski where the monthly fees or so high people are almost giving their condos away just to get out from under the monthly fees.


Don't know what to suggest as far as the original query.

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A couple of the Brettelburg Condo's at Ski Sunlight got forclosed on in 2010-12 and went for $40Kish.  They seem to have recovered, but it's still not a bad deal for ski in/out on a nice little family hill.



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