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LM - gumby balance help please

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I am wanting to work more on core stability & balance over summer. Lots of trouble getting people to suitably 'cut down' the levels to something I can reasonably(& safely) achieve.

No gyms in town - so I need to set my own program. I currently have physio ball & resistance straps in house. Happy to purchase balance aid type things - if you can suggest suitable exercises.

Any ideas please?
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check out
Click on the link that says "exercises". They will show different products, and different body parts. Some of them are insane, more like stupid human tricks than stability exercises.

if you find some that you sort of like, but need a modification. let me know which one it is. I'll take a look at it, and see what I can come up with.
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Thanks LM [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Your first step will be to first esatblish core activation. Sit on the ball, and place both hands on your lower belly. Take a deep inhalation, and press your belly out into your hands. On the exhalation, draw you belly button in ward toward your spine. The exhalation causes the transverse abdominal muscle, which is a stabilizer, to press into the diaphragm, in order to expel the air. Check your spinal alignment when sitting on the ball.

Your ribs need to be puleed together, as opposed to pressing out.

Head needs to be aligned with the spine, not jutting foward.

Feet are open, about pelvic width apart.

Feet not too close to Ball!

Knees on the same line as feet. Toes should not be clenched.

Pelvis is in a neutral position, neither rotated foward or back.

Shoulders are directly over your hips.

Keeping these things in mind, first try the exercises on this page, leaving out the single leg bridge for now.

If you are okay with those, check out these strength exercises;

One of the most cost effect ski conditioning tools is the dyna disc. And bless em, they put up an exercise poster on their website;

Also, they describe some other exercises on their main page:

And this site has some great dyna disc ski specific exercises in video, {FREE!!!}
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